Mitch Wolfe is a political analyst, writer and social commentator. Born on the mean streets of Westmount, Quebec, Mitch is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University. In a former life, Mitch spent many years organizing and managing political campaigns in the United States and in Canada.  He also successfully financed numerous Canadian and American television series, films and documentaries. He also spent some crazy times in Hollywood, as a director of Lionsgate Entertainment.

Mitch Wolfe’s true passion is covering and commenting on politics and culture- with humor and bite. He prides himself on being a populist, a contrarian, fiercely independent and oftentimes politically incorrect. And though he is currently describing himself in the third person, he never takes himself too seriously.

Mitch Wolfe has written for the following online journals, sites and blogs:

Huffington Post

The Rebel Media

Canada Free Press

CIJ News

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