Mitch Wolfe Tracks Down Toronto’s Best Outdoor Patio Restaurant and Bar- Kasa Moto

There are many beautiful outdoor patio restaurants and bars in Toronto. This past summer I set myself a goal of trying to frequent as many of these fine places as my liver and wallet can bear. Others climb mountains, run marathons, even engage in Iron Man Triathlons ( more about that in another post).

I do interesting restos and bars.

Toronto has a plethora of fabulous patios. From Terronis on Yonge, south of Summerhill, to Hazelton One in Yorkville, the Four Seasons d/bar, the Hyatt Park Plaza rooftop bar and the Ritz and the Thompson on Wellington.

But personal favorite is the new Kasa Moto, on Yorkville ( the former Remys). This amazing place is a two storey restaurant and bar, serving deliciously innovative and beautifully presented Japanese food and original and unforgettable Asian-inspired cocktails.

Attached are some random photos of Jean, the sommelier and the lovely, talented and very smart Chloe, a Queens University student, who when not a school or serving at Kasa, is an actress and model. She has written, produced, and starred in her own short film and she is a supporting actress in another independent film, making the festival circuit in the US.

Another friend of mine is Charlotte, Kasa’s operations manager ( of the long black dress). You may also catch the stunning back of Charlotte in the wide lens outdoor second floor patio shot. She is the striking figure striding purposely in the yellow/black number in the centre of the photo. I have come to know Charlotte well. She is in many ways the face of Kasa Moto. Charlotte, a former artist and model, is very intelligent, organized, efficient, warm and diplomatic with incredible style and taste.

Charlotte, her colleague Franco and such terrific staff as Abby, Chloe, and my favorite bartenders Ace, Manny and the wonderful Chivy, make a point of remembering all the guests who regularly grace the upstairs patio.

This is truly a place, where everyone knows your name and your favorite drink. In my case, Diet Coke, with a twist of lemon. ( Hey, I am strange that way).

This post is a mere amuse bouche. An appetizer. In future posts, I hope to fully explore this wonderful place in terms of its unique food, its atmosphere and the people- some of the most fascinating and quirky cast of characters- male and female in Toronto.

003kasa moto patio 7kasa moto thursday nite


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