Monday: A Magical Night at Kasa Moto – Charlotte’s Feast

Monday night on the Yorkville strip is usually quite quiet. Some would say funereal. This past Monday was no exception. But for your intrepid downtown night traveler, moi, my night at Kasa was magical and forever memorable.

Instead of crying in my miso soup, I embraced the almost vacant upstairs patio bar. And engaged with the always helpful and kind staff. This evening, because Kasa was slow due to a crucial Blue Jays/Yankees series, the return of the school year and post TIFF fatigue, I approached the strikingly beautiful and very talented operations manager, Charlotte, see photo on left.

And I suggested that she arrange my entire Japanese meal. I put myself completely in her very soft and capable hands. And I challenged Charlotte to surprise me with her personal selection. And did the talented Charlotte deliver!!!

The meal arranged by Charlotte was spectacular. And served to me by favorite bartender, the incomparable Ace.

Here are photos of the exquisite and artistically prepared and presented portions. Each small and delicate dish a delightful surprise. I savored with amazement each bite of sushi on far left and hamachi on far right

I am no foodie. I don’t possess a sophisticated palate. But even I could taste the subtle perfection of Kasa’s signature cerviche-   Hamachi/salmon, raw cut and mixed with root vegetables, mixed in a sublime yuzu/aoli miso/soy.

Both earthy and other worldly in one bite.

And the spicy tuna crispy rice. OMG to die for! Tuna mixed with a surprising shock of jalapenos, on a slightly fried rice base, and softly brushed with a teriyaki and spicy aoli glaze.

The soy butter fried rice with the juicy waygu ground beef, and the broccoli tempura- dipped and caressed in a spicy tentsuyu sauce (chillies/soy/mirin/dashi broth). Both simple, comfort and complex in each bite.

Charlotte begged me and pleaded with me, this one time, not to destroy her perfect meal with my usual Diet Coke chaser. She suggested I try one of her favourite sake wines – a slim bottle of Kikusui Junmai Ginjo – a very polished brand. Sweet sweet Charlotte even promised to share a drink with me. A real first for me.

What man could resist such a once-in-a-lifetime offer. From such a charming and irresistible woman. Not this cowboy!

charlotteCharlotte's feast 1Charlotte's feast 2Charlotte's feast 3Charlotte's feast 4 ace

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