The New Lumas Art Gallery on Yorkville – Totally Luminous

There is a new and innovative player in the flourishing Toronto art scene. The Germans have invaded.

They have come to liberate art from its stuffy, classic confines.

And I predict the closed clubby Toronto art world, may never be the same again.

This Lumas Art Gallery, in Toronto’s Yorkville, is the Lumas Group’s only second Canadian location.

( its first Canadian beach head originally located in Vancouver. Hey, Toronah, we’re number two!)

Lumas is part of a 40+ art gallery empire, based in Berlin. Lumas has about 19 galleries in various German cities.

It has also planted its flag in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Milan, Budapest, New York and Moscow. All without firing a shot.

“Das Art”, Fraulein.

Its motto is “The Liberation of Art”. Hmmm. Very interesting.

Presumably liberating art from stuffy government-controlled galleries and museums.

And literally and figuratively going digital and taking art online.

The works of Damien Hurst, Dieter Blum, Eva Navarro, and my fave- Beomsik Won- just a click or app away on your smartphone.

The works of art in all the Luminous galleries are predominantly photography-based. As well as digital art. And variations on those themes and mediums.

This particular Yorkville gallery is being managed and curated by its director, the very knowledgeable and engaging  Claire Kyle. Toronto’s answer to “Sex in the City’s”, arty Charlotte.

See photo attached with amateur art aficionado, moi.

In a nod to local artist, photographer and actor, Patrick Adams (Mike, the pseudo Harvard Law grad on the tv series, “Suits”), Lumas Yorkville is currently hosting an exhibition of Adams’ work.

See photo of his Toronto skyline.

I was particularly drawn to the classic and contemporary Vogue collection. “Kate Moss in the Lauderette”, for me, particularly visually arresting- and with which I totally identify.

My local laudromat, around the corner, from my home- is also always populated by super models in their colorful bikini underwear.

Check out this very striking gallery. A great, welcome and potential disruptive force in Toronto’s oh so predictable and complacent art world.

lumas 1lumas 4lumas claire kyle director of lumas- toronto

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