Libertad Martinez – One of Toronto’s Top Condo Specialists

By far and away, one of the best condo specialists in all of the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area) is Chestnut Park’s condo real estate agent and consultant, Libertad Martinez.

What separates Ms. Martinez from the thousands of real estate agents who ply their trade in and around the GTA, is her vast, comprehensive and intimate knowledge of all the major and minor condo builders in Toronto and their existing and projected projects.

Ms. Martinez speaks fluent Spanish, French and of course, English. I was introduced to Ms. Martinez, through mutual Latin American clients, who were seriously considering investing in the still buoyant Toronto condominium market.

I had been retained to advise on financing the purchase of several different condo units throughout Toronto, mainly for investment purposes, by these foreign investors.

Ms. Martinez impressed me and our mutual clients with her encyclopedic knowledge of all the key players, from the high profile Menkes, Tridel and Minto folk, to the more boutique and lesser known specialized condo builders in town.

Ms. Martinez, through her vast network of builders, brokers, marketing and communications consultants, possessed an incredible data base of not only existing projects but projected projects. Ranging from the western fringes of Etobicoke on the Lakeshore, north to Woodbridge and Richmond Hill and as far east as the Beaches and Scarborough.

I have been assisting in financing residential projects for years, but Ms. Martinez clearly had a better handle on all the major up and coming projects, even some of the very cool, boutique infill projects on hip Ossington, Parkdale the rapidly gentrifying Lesleyville and the laid back beachy Beaches.

Though the mantra in real estate is “location, location, location”, Ms. Martinez’ personal credo is, “service, service, service”.

I was also struck by Ms Marinez’ attention to detail. Because when buying a condo unit, especially one that is being constructed from plans, the devil is definitely in the details.

I highly recommend that a buyer of a new condo unit, especially a pre construction condo, should retain some one like Ms. Mritinez to help you navigate through some potentially dangerous waters, to mix some metaphors.

Purchasing or investing in the constant rising Toronto condo market, is not for the unwary or the faint-hearted.

But Ms. Marrtinez ,whose knowledge of the industry combined with her years of experience, and attention to detail (a rare triple threat) will make such a buying/investing experience- more understandable, safer and potentially very rewarding.






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