Mitch Wolfe Paints The Town Red + Real Live Models at Ruby Rouge Event

Pre-empting Valentine’s Day Sunday, the Oliver Blue group staged a terrific, sexy, edgy event at The Lodge on Toronto’s Queen Street West.

The unique event space was funky, arty, eclectic and a little weird – as was the crowd.

The room was filled with a diverse group of actresses, graphic designers, hipsters, fashion designers, writers and marketing/communications PR people, gorgeous women in drop dead black cocktail dresses, 5 inch heels and cool black and Asian dudes in expensive jeans, hoodies, ponytails and moi, in my dark Canali.

The organizers, Gigi, Helena and Alex added some off the wall spice with random hot lingerie models, kick ass dancers and two artist models in artistically painted panties.

melina 2

I was fortunate to meet a very stylish fashion blogger, writer and editor Melina, seen here on the left and her equally attractive friend Bethany, on my right, who is into public relations and event planning.

britney 2

My favourite model, was Britney, a really sweet girl, seen in the photo with me. Who let me Picasso her limbs.

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