Leftist Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow Endorses Radical Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer for School Board

This very strange Toronto city election took another bizarre twist when Olivia Chow, former New Democratic Party Member of Parliament—and now running to replace the current mayor Rob Ford—came out publicly in favour of Ausma Malik, a very well-known local Toronto Radical Muslim terrorist sympathizer.

In a tweet seen throughout Toronto, and possibly celebrated in Hezbollah’s terrorists’ camps in Syria, Chow tweeted,“En route to office opening for @m_layton,@joe_cressy +@ausmalik. Great candidates that share my values for a caring, better city. #TOpoli”

Mike Layton,  (former NDP leader Jack Layton’s son and Chow’s stepson ) is running for re-election for Toronto city councilor in the Trinity-Spadina ward. Joe Cressy, a former long time assistant to Chow, is running for election in the other councilor position in the same ward.

And last but not least, Ausma Malik is sharing the same campaign office with Layton and Cressy, and is apparently running on the NDP ticket for Toronto district school board (TDSB) trustee in the same Trinity-Spadina school district.

Note, Trinity–Spadina is the same district or federal riding, which Ms. Chow represented for many years as a federal member of the leftist socialist New Democratic Party.

Clearly they are all one big, tight, happy family.

In response to the public endorsement by her stepson and sitting councilor Mike Layton and a few other leftist Toronto councilors, including candidate for school board trustee Ausma Malik, seen in this photo, Chow tweeted, (referring also to Malik)

“Strong candidates w/strong values+ track records:@joe_cressy @ausmalik @ maritstile.Thx for the support#TOpoli”

So who is this Ausma Malik, with the strong track record and strong values, which Chow clearly shares?

Well, firstly, Malik’s credentials as a radical Muslim terrorist supporter and sympathizer are impeccable.

In June 2006, Malik (then a University of Toronto student leader) organized and chaired a forum at University of Toronto, for impressionable Muslim youth called, “On Our Own Terms: Muslim Youth Speak Out”.

One of the first orders of business of this forum was to show support and raise money for 18 local Toronto radical Muslim men who had been recently charged at that time with terrorism for allegedly conspiring to blow up the Toronto Stock Exchange, raid the Canadian Parliament Buildings and behead then Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Apparently these radical Muslim men had been training in the woods north of Toronto and had ordered and received what they thought to be three metric tons of fertilizer to make bombs when they were apprehended by Canadian security forces who had been watching this group for months.

In 2009 the radical Muslim ringleader of the Toronto 18 and Mississauga resident Zakaria Amara pleaded guilty to terrorism charges and he together with several of his co-conspirators were convicted of terrorism.

Recall this is 2006-  eight years before the deadly radical Muslim terrorist group,  ISIS,  began killing, torturing and terrorizing Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Iraq and Syria and engaging in public beheadings.

That’s a real nice bunch of people you support, Ms. Malik.

In addition, back in July, 2006, Ms. Malik, as student leader, spoke at a pro Hezbollah rally in Toronto covered by the Globe and Mail.

Recall at that time, in 2006,  the radical Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah had kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and had launched missiles from Lebanon at Israeli border towns.  Israel then retaliated by bombing Hezbollah missile sites and camps and sending in Israeli troops to attack Hezbollah’s military bases.

At the pro Hezbollah rally, Malik, in support of Hezbollah’s actions, called Israel’s actions “state-sanctioned murder”.

At the same rally, the Globe reported that the demonstrators cheered when it was announced that Hezbollah had killed 22 Israeli soldiers who were fighting in southern Lebanon.

Apparently, Malik and her Hezbollah supporters did not care that Canada, the United States, The European Union, Britain, Australia and Israel had labeled Hezbollah a terrorist organization and considered it a Jew-hating anti-Semitic international jihadist organization bent on the destruction of Israel and the removal of all Jews from the Middle East.

Lastly, in 2007, Malik took part in a report on the problems Muslim students faced in Ontario colleges and universities. As reported in The Toronto Star,  Malik helped write a report which decried the lack of appropriate food choices and prayer space, and condemned the inflexible academic policies that were at odds with (Islamic) religious obligations (ie separate classes for men and women)

In other words, Malik wished to impose Sharia law- compliant practices on Ontario’s secular educational system.

So to recap, Ausma Malik, running for Toronto District School Board trustee, is an admitted supporter, fund-raiser and sympathizer of local radical Muslim terrorism. She is also an enthusiastic supporter of Hezbollah- a Jew-hating,  anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli terrorist group.

And Ms. Malik would like to bring in or impose Sharia-type religious and educational practices in Ontario schools?

So, Ms. Chow, are you still sure you whole-heartedly support these “great values” of Ms. Malik?

And is this the type of person you want running our Toronto school system and influencing our children?

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