Toronto’s Mayoral Election- Gaffes, Bloopers and Sex, Lies and Brisket

This crazy ten month long election is finally coming to an end, folks.

It is has been a wild roller coaster ride.

Full of lying, cheating and dirty tricks.

And I am just talking about the Toronto press.

Who can forget when Mayor Rob Ford, temporarily left the race,  and voluntarily checked himself into rehab- in an effort to clean up his drug and alcohol problem.  Ford and his family begged the press and the public for a little bit of privacy.

That lasted for a millisecond. The press shredded doctor/patient confidentiality and Ford’s privacy rights as a patient.  The tabloid press tracked down and disclosed Ford’s private rehab clinic in an effort to access Ford’s condition and his treatment.

This was not one of Toronto media’s finest hours.

But all the three major candidates had their low points, missteps and politically tone deaf moments.

Captain Obvious Award goes to Olivia Chow

The Captain Obvious Award goes to Olivia Chow. In response to an online reader’s question as to how she, Chow, would be different from former leftist Toronto mayor, David Miller, Chow gave this snarky answer , “I’m not male. Not white. Want to start there?

The leftwing press conveniently ignored this incredible political faux pas. Could you imagine if either Ford or Tory , when asked how they differed from Olivia Chow, responded, “I’m not a chick. And I’m not yellow. Want to start there?”A veritable public shite storm would have come down hard on these two white dudes.

Recall the time when Chow’s high profile Liberal supporter Warren Kinsella, and director of her war room operations, was criticized for implying Tory’s Smart Track was segregationistbecause its proposed route did not stop in certain Toronto black areas. ( note this comment was inflammatory, but pretty funny and biting, nonetheless)

You could say Tory’s “SegregationistTrack”, was the anti-underground railway. (double pun, intended. LOL)

Chow did not help her credibility when she pretended that the very experienced Kinsella and a key campaign official,  was just one of her many thousands of volunteers. “Warren Kinsella, who?” In effect, Chow threw herself under the bus along with poor Kinsella.

John Tory’s “foot in the mouth” disease

John Tory also suffered from “foot in the mouth” disease.

“Out of touch” Tory’s solution to solving inequality between men and women in the workplace, was for more women to join exclusive golf clubs like The Rosedale Golf Club ( Tory’s club). Recall this club was known for specifically banning Jews as members. And for decades, this male-dominated club was not too thrilled with women members either.  Fore- more years. Old chap.

Also Tory’s solution of reducing urban gridlock with more water taxis in Lake Ontario, sank faster than the Titanic.

Clearly, Tory was appealing to his base- the members of the exclusive Royal Canadian Yacht Club ( RCYC), who demanded speedier passage to and from the mainland, especially during the rush cocktail hour.

In contrast, Doug Ford, ran a nearly flawless campaign. No videos at “The Steak Queen”, jiving and rappin like some Jamaican home boy.

Ford’s only slip up, was that he inelegantly defended himself by stating that he had many Jewish friends.

Doug Ford, should have more accurately replied,

“Nu,  I am very sensitive to the Jewish people. You know my wife’s Bubbie and Zaidie are Jewish. Oy, the stories, my Karla can tell about them. They were such mensches and funny.  You would plotz. And her Bubbie made the best brisket and Lokshen Kugel ( noodle pudding). She was a real Balabusta” ( wife of an important person).

In summary, the only thing missing in this very long, strange and compelling election race was a sex scandal. Alas, no sex tape, no embarrassing sex-texting. Not even a wardrobe malfunction.

But it has been a great ride.

Four More Years.

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