Jian Ghomeshi Is The Canary in the Collapsing Mine of Canadian Progressiveism

In a recent Toronto Star commentary, notorious leftist Rick Salutin, tried and failed miserably to come to grips with the public face of progressive, feminist Ghomeshi which apparently hid Ghomeshi’s very real manipulative, physically abusive, female-hating, egotistical self.

Basically, Salutin’s article completely missed the mark.The fact is that Ghomeshi, the popular CBC radio host of Q, a daily entertainment/cultural radio show,  was the poster boy and symbol of the Canadian progressive movement. He Q talked the talk. And red carpeted the walk, at the Scotia Bank Giller Prize, TIFF, Canadian tv and film award shows, Canadian music award shows. You name the Canadian cultural event and Ghomeshi was front and centre.

He was multicultural, a progressive, a feminist, hip, cool, edgy and internationally popular. Leading Canadian feminists: Elizabeth May, Sheila Copps, Margaret Atwood, all sung his praises. Even Barbra Streisand and Barbara Walters, (no shrinking violets, those two) were wowed by his professionalism, empathy and sensitivity.

Richard Florida, the uber urban theorist, thought Ghomeshi would be a great progressive mayor for a new and improved artistically and culturally-based Toronto.

In short, Ghomeshi was a gift to multicultural, feministic, Canadian progressives, much like federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

And Canadian progressives fell for and bought Ghomeshi- hook, line and Big Ears Teddy bear.

But it was all a sham.

It appears Mr. Multicultural, exhibited the dark side of Canadian multiculturalism

The feminist, Mr. Sensitivity, has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking. Over 15 women have come forward alleging that this sensitive, progressive, feminist allegedly beat them, choked them and sexually assaulted them.

It appears Mr. Multicultural, exhibited the dark side of Canadian multiculturalism. Ghomeshi appears to have also internalized a non-Canadian hatred for women. A feeling of superiority towards women. A view of women as beneath him, literally and figuratively. As things to be used, abused, dismissed and discarded. A view of women native to certain foreign countries where women are third class, barbarically genitally circumcised, raped and then punished for being raped or honor killed for disobeying the males in their families.

So if Ghomeshi, the Canadian progressive ideal is a sham, perhaps the very concept of Canadian progressiveism is a sham.  Perhaps, behind the smiling, sensitive, Canadian male progressive, is in reality a woman-hating, female abusing, manipulative, egotistical tyrant.

Those are the harsh and cruel Ghomeshi lessons that bred in the bone progressives, like Salutin, refuse to face squarely, honestly and openly.

Because if Ghomeshi is a sham, then what about the sensitive, feminist, multicultural Justin Trudeau, who one day preaches “open nominations for Liberal candidates”, then the next day engages in down and dirty manipulative politics, throwing under the Liberal bus, long time Liberal candidates, in favor of his chosen people?

Trudeau, who also one day beats his breast about the injustice of missing and deceased aboriginal women and the next day, caters to certain Canadian religious groups whose radical members abuse, torture, and demean women as chattels.

In sum, Ghomeshi, is no mentally deranged lone wolf. He is the canary in the collapsing mine of Canadian progressiveism.

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