Attawapiskat is Not a Native Indian Reserve – It’s a Death Cult

I was never a big fan of former three term Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien, but I must doff my frayed chapeau to this straight-talking dude. Chretien’s solution to this horribly dysfunctional Cree reserve is to encourage its inhabitants to get the hell out of dodge. Or more appropriately, leave this extremely isolated community on the west coast of James Bay and head for a more metropolitan centre, i.e. the city of Timmins about 500 kilometres south of Attawapiskat.

The implication is that this reserve is done like dinner. No amount of combined federal and provincial support can revive this place. No amount of hard-earned Canadian taxpayers’ money can solve the fundamental problems within this isolated reserve. No amount of bleeding heart provincial and federal liberals beating their breasts can turn this situation around. This reserve is doomed to disease, suicide and death. Period.

As Chretien wisely noted referring to this situation, cutting through the political BS and political correctness, “there is no economic base there for having jobs and so on, and sometimes they have to move, like anybody else”.

Chretien is no “Jean-come-lately” to this file. Back in the day, he was Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development from 1968-1974 in the Pierre Trudeau cabinet. While Prime Minister in the mid nineties, his government was faced with its own Attawapiskat-like disaster. It was called the Davis Inlet Innu reserve in Labrador.

Attawapiskat in 2016 is reminiscent of Davis Inlet in 1993 – the same sad and tragic story.

Prior to the relocation of all the 500 Davis Inlet residents, six Innu youths, aged 11-14 were caught on video, attempting suicide by sniffing gasoline fumes. According to the then CBC report, many children, some as young as six months, were neglected by parents too drunk to care. The majority of these children suffered from tuberculosis and skin infections caused by poor hygiene.

95% of the adult population suffered from alcoholism.

In 1993, 25% of the population tried to commit suicide. Of the then 360 children (about 10%) some as young as five years old, were “problem sniffers” of gasoline.

As in the Davis Inlet situation, in the last six weeks in Attawapiskat there have been 39 suicide attempts in a community of 2,000 – including 11 attempted suicides in the last week. I suspect these figures are just the tip of the tragic iceberg.

I suspect the number of residents of this community, like in Davis Inlet, who have attempted suicide is much higher.

Also like in Davis Inlet, the children suffer from poor hygiene. And alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and despair are rampant among both young and old residents.

Predictably, Indian officials like Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day, point their fingers at the federal and provincial government. Of course, these suicides and these multiple problems are a result of that old “go to” scapegoat: “the residential school” system.

Leftist NOW magazine blames this situation on the “usual suspects” of Canadian colonialism and institutional racism.

Of course none of these politically correct native Indian officials or misguided leftists, point their fingers where the fault clearly lay – the Native Indian elders, the chiefs and the adult natives Indians and parents of these children.

All these so-called leaders and adults should be held accountable for their apparent negligence, their carelessness and for their wrong-headed desire to stay attached to a land and to their traditions of hunting and fishing that cannot sustain this isolated community or provide the bare necessities of life to themselves and certainly not to their children, who prefer taking their lives, than living another day in such deplorable conditions.

If this Attawapiskat reserve was instead an extreme Jewish cult in which its children were attempting suicide, the provincial and federal authorities would be all over this place, removing the children to save their lives, and throwing the cult’s leaders in jail.

But because it is 2016, and native Indians appear untouchable, their children are doomed to die early deaths due to our national liberal political correctness. Shame.

Muslim Terrorist Attack in Toronto

Toronto Police mugshot Ayanie Hassan Ali
Ayanle Hassan Ali, 27, faces five charges, including Attempt Murder. Photo: Toronto Police

On Monday (March 14, 2016) at a Toronto army recruitment centre, in North Toronto, Ayani Hassan Ali, a Montreal-born, Canadian citizen, but clearly of Middle East descent, attacked two young male Canadian soldiers with a knife, after having entered the federal building located on the north west corner of Yonge and Sheppard Avenue. Witnesses to this unprovoked knife attack heard Mr. Ali man utter the word, “Allah”.

Subsequent reports indicate that Mr. Ali confessed that Allah had instructed him to kill these Canadian soldiers.

Fortunately, the attack was subdued by the quick action of six other military personnel on the scene. Otherwise this attack might have caused more injuries and potentially death.

The federal building in question is called the Joseph Sheppard building. It contains a passport office, a recruitment centre for the Canadian armed forces and a call centre.

The two soldiers who were injured by this accused Muslim, were rushed to a nearby hospital. The injuries to these brave men were not life threatening.

Mark Saunders, the Toronto chief of police, sensing that this may have been a terrorist attack on Canadian soil, immediately called the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team which is made up of the RCMP and the OPP that deal with terror calls. Also contact was made “with CSIS,” which is the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

This terrorist attack was planned and premeditated. It was not a random attack on innocent civilians.

It was a specific attack against members of Canada’s armed services, Canada and Canada’s way of life.

This attack occurred in Canada’s largest city within weeks of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordering Canada’s air force to cut and run from its military obligations in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Trudeau had hoped by being a spineless wimp like Obama, and withdrawing from military action against ISIS, Canada would be immune from Islamic terrorist attacks.

Justin had hoped that his “sunny ways” and his open borders and love offensive would be sufficient to protect Canadians from Muslim domestic terrorism.

Not very likely, Justin, you pathetic excuse for a Canadian leader!!!

I predict in the coming days, Trudeau and his Liberals will avoid calling the attack an Islamic terrorist attack.

And even if all the evidence points to that conclusion, I also predict that Trudeau will wimp out and blame Canadian society for making this terrorist killer feel excluded and uncomfortable in Canadian society.

By the way, this was the third Muslim terrorist action on Canadian soil since two Canadian Forces members were the victims of lslamic terrorist attacks in October 2014.

In the first terrorist attack, Quebecer Martin Couture-Rouleau, a radicalized recent convert to Islam, rammed his Nissan Altima into two uniformed service members in a strip mall in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., frequented by Canadian Forces members. Warrant officer Patrice Vincent, 53, died at the scene.

Then, two days later, a man armed with a rifle, shot Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada who was serving as a ceremonial sentry at Ottawa’s Canadian War Memorial. The gunman, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a radicalized Islamic terrorist, was later shot and killed as he stormed the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Welcome to the new reality, Canadians. Notwithstanding what Prime Minister Selfie has to say, we are at war with home-grown Islamic terrorism. We should govern ourselves accordingly. Because clueless and dangerous Trudeau is missing in action.

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Can Rubio and the GOP Elites Be Any More Inept?

Marco Rubio. Photo: screenshot YouTube Fox News

Simple answer. I still do not think we have the seen the depths of stupidity that Rubio and the GOP elites (Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Speaker Ryan, Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, Mr. 1% himself, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Bush’s diabolical Svengali et al) will descend. In their own ridiculous efforts of cutting of their noses, their limbs and their manhood to spite themselves and their own GOP party- to stop The Donald.

At this stage of the political game, I don’t think Donald Trump can even stop Donald Trump.

And his date with destiny. The ultimate warrior duel to the death with Hurricane Hillary- the Arkansas Hellcat.

Recently, political analyst Ed Kilgore of the New York magazine argued that it is not Trump, because of his massive ego, who is threatening a takeover of the GOP party, it is Rubio and his clueless and politically tone-deaf GOP establishment types who are supporting his failing campaign.

The more Rubio loses, the more he argues that he is the true voice of the GOP party and the GOP elites. To date he has lost badly in every major GOP primary by huge margins to Trump and Cruz.

Except for winning a closed GOP Minnesota caucus.

Rubio still claims against all evidence to the contrary that he represents the majority of GOP voters who oppose Donald Trump. Yet few GOP or independent voters are voting for him! Who is the con man now?

And still GOP Senators, governors and elected GOP reps are endorsing him. Yet the more they endorse Rubio, the worse he does.

Rubio just got killed on Super Saturday where he lost against Trump and Cruz in Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas and Maine.

And Rubio is 15% behind in the most recent Florida poll, his own home state!

Political pundits are suggesting that if Rubio loses in Florida, he has crossed the Rubio-Con.

Marco has already crossed the metaphorical Rubicon, when he was embarrassed on Super Tuesday.

Now Rubio and his elitist GOP Washington-based establishment types are doubling down.

They and Rubio are threatening to take the fight to stop Trump to the convention floor.

In other words, against the obvious democratic will of the people, they want to stop Trump in some brokered, behind closed doors sleazy deal.

Can these so-called GOP experts and these fat cat GOP politicos be any more stupid?

These idiots have handed Trump- an even greater cause. The popular will of the people against the slimy back room machinations of power-hungry Washington insiders!

Sanders was right. There is a revolution going on.

It is the revolution of the people against the political elites. Trump is the agent of this change and of this political revolution. And all establishment figures will be swamped under this tsunami of change and anger.

Including the Hillary, the archetypal Washington insider. Because the majority of the American people don’t give a shite that Hillary will be the first female president.

You heard it here first. Trump is going to ride this wave of anger and revolution right into the Trump White House.

A contrarian view: Ghomeshi will be convicted because his defense counsel screwed up

Contrary to my fellow Rebel Lauren Southern, I predict that former CBC broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi will be convicted on at least one charge of assault, if not more than one.

Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Henein is possibly one of the best defense lawyers in Canada.

But she is human. The last time I checked, she wasn’t able to walk on water in her trademark five-inch heels.

Her strength is evident in her enormous self-confidence, but that is also her weakness.

I have followed her career closely over the years, and believe that her arrogance has sometimes led her astray.

I also believe she made a serious mistake in this trial, and that may lead to her client being convicted.

Henein has performed admirably, notwithstanding that her narcissistic client is on trial for four counts of sexual assault and one charge of overcoming resistance by choking, involving three women.

The first complainant testified as to having her hair allegedly pulled back by Ghomeshi on one occasion in a car. She then alleged that on a second occasion while in Ghomeshi’s house, he pulled her hair back a second time and then punched her in the head three times.

The second complainant, who can be identified as actress Lucy DeCoutere, testified that while in Ghomeshi’s home, she was allegedly choked and then slapped three times in the face by Ghomeshi.

The third complainant alleged that while on a park bench, Ghomeshi suddenly bit her shoulder, then placed his hands around her neck making it difficult for her to breathe.

In each case, the complainant admitted that at the beginning of each encounter there was consensual kissing, so each encounter, at least initially, was sexual in nature and consensual.

However, each complainant maintained that at no time subsequent to the kissing but before the alleged assaults did any one of them consent to this hair pulling, punching, choking, punching, biting, choking or slapping.

My view is a layman’s view, but the law is based upon common sense and reasonableness.

In order to convict Ghomeshi, the Crown has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ghomeshi had both the intention to commit a sexual assault (known as the mental element, or mens rea) and that he actually committed such a sexual assault (known as the actus reus).

The role of the judge in this case is of a trier of fact. It is his job to assess the truthfulness and credibility of the witnesses and determine whether what they are saying is accurate and can be relied upon in making a determination of the facts.

I was not in the court room. I am relying solely on reports by journalists who attended this trial.

In the Crown’s closing argument, the Crown admitted that there were some inconsistencies and omissions in the testimony of  each of the three complainants. The first complainant was unclear as to whether she was wearing hair extensions when her hair was pulled in Ghomeshi’s car, and a little confused as to what car Ghomeshi was driving when one of these alleged incidents occurred.

The first complainant also neglected to mention that she’s sent Ghomeshi her bikini photo subsequent to the alleged assault in Ghomeshi’s house.

The second complainant, Lucy Coutere, neglected to disclose that subsequent to allegedly being choked and slapped three times in the face, she kissed Ghomeshi good night and the next day she wrote to Ghomeshi that “you kicked my ass and that makes me want to **** your brains out”.

DeCoutere also neglected to disclose that she had spent the next day with Ghomeshi and subsequently sent him a six-page love letter.

The third complainant omitted to disclose that subsequent to the alleged choking on the park bench, they had met a second time and shared a consensual sexual encounter.

In her concluding remarks, Henein argued that the Crown has failed to introduce evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that any of these alleged incidents occurred, because all three of these complainant have faulty memories, omitted crucial facts and provided inconsistent statements which undermined their credibility.

The Crown countered that just because a complainant may be fuzzy on peripheral facts, that does not mean that their statements of facts relating to the actual incidents are untrue.

I believe that Henenin made a serious error in not having Ghomeshi testify that either none of these incidents of alleged sexual assault occurred, or — if some such incidents did occur — they were all consensual and had been explicitly consented to by each complainant.

Of course, there were great dangers to Ghomeshi testifying.

If he had, the Crown would have introduced as evidence Ghomeshi’s arrogant Facebook posting in which he admitted to engaging in rough sex, but only of a consensual nature. That posting and other evidence of Ghomeshi’s propensity for rough sex was not before the court.

However, if Ghomeshi had testified that none of the incidents occurred, or some of these incidents had occurred, but there had been prior explicit consent, then it would have been his word and against the words of the complainants.

If Ghomeshi was credible (and admittedly, that is a big “if”), it is my humble opinion that he would have had a better chance of being acquitted on all these counts.

Based upon what has been reported, I do not believe that Henein’s cross examinations sufficiently undermined the credibility of all the complainants and raised reasonable doubt with respect to all the incidents.

I believe that the Crown has successfully made the case that Ghomeshi has sexually assaulted at least one of the complainants if not more, beyond a reasonable doubt.

What the Ghomeshi scandal reveals about CBC’s leftist culture

So remember when the CBC spent months covering the Duffy trial, with the expressed purpose of bringing down the Harper government?

Well, what goes around, comes around. It’s payback time, you slimy, feather-bedding, taxpayer-supported biased CBC miscreants!

The Ghomeshi affair is symptomatic of the CBC’s leftist culture.

After all, CBC discovered and promoted the multicultural, nonwhite, hip Ghomeshi, who is of Iranian descent.

I have studied, read and written about all of Ghomeshi’s behavior towards women both within and without CBC. And his behavior was quite well known for years to CBC superiors, including his immediate boss, who was also of apparent Mideast background.

The CBC knew about Ghomeshi’s treatment of women but permitted Ghomeshi’s alleged abusive actions in the name of political correctness.

In CBC and in other leftist cultures, as we saw in Cologne, Germany, the lives of Ghomeshi’s women were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

According to that narrative, Mideast nonwhite folks like the hip, progressive Ghomeshi, could do no wrong. It is always the fault of the old or young white dudes.

Well, for CBC, the chop suey has really hit the fan.

Ghomeshi is the hip tip of the iceberg — of a CBC corporate culture that turned a blind eye to vulnerable women both within and outside the organization, because Ghomeshi was a progressive multicultural hero to the left.

This may be CBC’s culture, but this is not Canada’s culture, which treats women equally and with respect.

Ghomeshi is not only on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting and choking women. CBC is on public trial for indulging a multicultural-based sex assault culture in its own halls.

First Nations men are MORE responsible for missing, murdered Aboriginal women than anyone realizes

For the last several weeks, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star have tried desperately to rationalize the expenditure of millions Canadian taxpayer dollars in another wasteful inquiry about the murder and disappearance of female Canadian Indians.

Armed with liberal self-righteousness and blinded by political correctness, the reporters have pored over countless RCMP studies and police reports relating to the disappearance and murder of over 1,000 Canadian female Indians in the last several decades.

Their thesis is that the RCMP and police reports are false, that these legitimate government agencies are fudging the numbers and underestimating the real cause of the murder and disappearance of these unfortunate women.

These self-righteous elitist liberal media organizations believe these women are really being killed, abused, tortured and/or made to disappear by a marauding band of white serial killers, and therefore this phenomenon is not an Indian problem, but a Canadian national problem requiring another wasteful and useless multi-million dollar pro-Indian lawyer/consultant/advisory feeding frenzy fee bonanza.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard the Globe and Toronto Star try to twist the facts, fudge the numbers, omit salient facts and emphasize trivial concerns, the irrefutable fact remains that 70% of female Indian victims are killed, abused, raped and/or made to disappear by male Indians.  

Not white serial killers, but men these women know: Husbands, lovers, boyfriends, acquaintances, relatives and members of the Indian reserve.

Note that federal Conservative Party interim leader Rona Ambrose, in a recent Huff Post interview, does not go as far as I do, but she does courageously point the finger at male native leaders for not doing enough to protect the women in their communities.

Unlike Ambrose, I am even prepared to go further. I would say that the number is higher than 70%. I am estimating that another 5%-10% of Indian men are indirectly responsible for the murder, abuse, torture, rape and disappearance of Indian women.


As of result of being abused in the sexist, male-dominated Indian reserve, these vulnerable women flee for a life of drugs and sex work on the streets. This in turn makes them more likely to be abused by non Indian men. But these women would not have fallen into this dangerous lifestyle if they had not been forced to flee the abuse visited upon them by Indian men.

Liberal apologists blame the high number of murdered and missing First Nations women on white privilege, white colonialism, institutional racism, structural racism, unemployment, economic inequality, the residential school legacy — or possibly climate change.

All these ridiculous theories an attempt to shift the responsibility from male Indians to white Canadian society.

The history of Canada is full of stories of ethnic and religious and racial groups facing racism, unemployment, and inequality. But in none of these racial, ethnic or religious groups are women so systematically abused, tortured, raped, killed and made to disappear.

So what is wrong with the Canadian First Nations culture?

It is time for the Canadian Indian society to look at itself and stop blaming the white man for serious and fundamental problems embedded in the society and culture of these Indians.

End times? Toronto Star’s Michael Geist questions CBC’s “relevance”

Is the end of the world nigh? Are pigs circling the CBC “white elephant” on Front Street?

I only ask this because one my favorite columnists at the Toronto “Tsar,” Professor Michael Geist, has come down heavy on CBC.

Sounding almost like our own Brian Lilley, Geist writes:

While disagreement over CBC funding is as old as the broadcaster itself, the more uncomfortable discussion for the CBC is its coverage of the current election campaign — particularly its approach to national debates and political party advertising — which raises troubling questions about its relevance in the current media environment.

The most puzzling decision has been its refusal to broadcast debates hosted by other organizations. The CBC may be disappointed with the debate approach adopted by the political parties in this campaign, but that does not change the sense that if the national public broadcaster does not air programs in the national public interest, it calls into question the very need for a public broadcaster.

Those of us on the right have been ranting and raving about this for years: Why are hard-working Canadian taxpayers stuck paying $1 billion of our hard-earned taxpayer money every year to prop up a heavily biased, incompetent organization — CBC English TV — which has been losing thousands of viewers every year, right across the board, in all categories:

* Its entertainment division. Consider the viewing options: This Hour Has Twenty-Two Viewers; The “Should Have Been Cancelled Years Ago” Rick Mercer Report; The Horribly Unfunny Mr. D, to name but three.

* Its sports division. Losing Hockey Night in Canada and replacing it with Canadian award shows (in which heavily-subsidized artists award each other awards for unread books, unheard music and unwatchable TV shows and films) wasn’t a programming change bound to attract regular hard-working Canadian viewers. (That is, the people who are paying the bills.)

* Its news and documentary division. Petey Mansbridge’s The Notional has been irrelevant for years, except to the dwindling elitist mob south of Bloor, who believe Naomi Klein and her sock puppet husband Avi should speak for all of Canada. And ironically, if CBC’s Marketplace was forced to compete in the free marketplace of ideas, it would go the way of home mail delivery.

Which brings us all back to the election debate issue.

CBC did not just shoot itself in the foot, as Geist claimed. It shot itself in both feet. Then it shot itself in the face. Then it committed harakiri on the steps of Front Street. For many Canadians, left and right, CBC’s refusal to air federal election debates has pushed them into the “defunding” camp.

The Canadian people are doing just fine without the CBC. There are still hundreds of solid print and online newspapers. Hundreds of TV networks. Hundreds of online TV networks, podcasts and blogs.

We Canadians have access to tons of news and information from sources more reliable than the highly biased CBC, which has geared all its anti-Harper reporting to side with any party that might throw it a financial lifeline.

I hereby predict the biggest loser of this federal election:

The CBC, by a landslide.

Canadian TIFF Actors’ Ridiculous Tommie Manifesto

Canadian celebrities at TIFF 2015, notably actors Rachel McAdams, Ellen Page and the curmudgeonly, ugly and mean Donald Sutherland, bombed badly in supporting publicly the appallingly stupid, Naomi Klein-penned, “Leap Manifesto”, aka the “Tommie Manifesto” ( named cleverly by us conservative wags after the horrified NDP, (supposedly centrist) leader Thomas Mulcair, who wants no part of that pseudo-Communist revolutionary shite show).

The public reputations of McAdams, Page and Sutherland are not the only ones that have been hurt by association with this manifestly moronic manifesto. Add to the list, such notables or forgettables as Pam Anderson whose best screen work ever was CPRing Tommie Lee’s manhood, together with multi-millionaire wheezebag and gas-guzzling hypocrite extraordinaire- Neil Young.  And the usual looney left suspects, such as Stephen Lewis, Suzuki, Barlow and anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian trade unionist Sid Ryan, to name a representative few.

I am a big Rachel McAdams ( “Mean Girls”, “ The Notebook”, “ True Detective”)  and Ellen Page (“Juno”, “Smart People”, “Freeheld”), fan.Donald Sutherland, on the other hand, was great in the 70s in “M*A*S*H.”, “Klute” and “Don’t Look Now”. Since then his ongoing scene-chewing evil role in “The Hunger Games”, is, to use a highly technical cinematic term-  pure crap.

We admire McAdams and Page for their acting talent and their ability through their craft to touch us and move us emotionally. But let’s face it. They are reading other people’s lines and expressing other people’s ideas.

Their fame and high profile are based upon their cinematic success and Hollywood promotion.

Where these actors fall miserably on their TIFF-ready faces, is they arrogantly believe that their artificially-created Hollywood fame- confers upon them influence and wisdom.

So that we, their audience, will actually care and believe what they have to say in real life, off screen. And that we poor huddled masses who shell out our paltry $10 bucks to see them on the screen, will actually be influenced by what they have to say and the causes they support.

Clueless, ignorant, self-satisfied, self-entitled, jet-setting, island hopping Canadian stars

So let me put this in terms- these clueless, ignorant, self-satisfied, self-entitled, jet-setting, island hopping Canadian stars and celebrities- understand.

Your public support of The Tommie Manifesto- “TWO THUMBS DOWN”.

Your first week-end box office numbers- bit the big one.

You and the Manifesto have bombed badly. A Heaven’s Gate bomb of historic proportions.

The studio is pulling out and cancelling all further marketing and disavowing all knowledge of this stinkeroo.

You have laid a big fat egg. Capiche!

In the time remaining, let me fill in the blanks.

The Manifesto’s solution is revolution. To blow up Canada’s economy. That is, its oil and gas economy

Simply, this ridiculous and irrational manifesto describes horrible ills that don’t exist in Canada- widespread extreme poverty, unsustainable inequality,  the horrible genocidal attack on the very existence of Canada’s native people. And to top it all off, Canada’s climate change policy is a crime against humanity- an ongoing relentless war crime.

The Manifesto’s solution is revolution. To blow up Canada’s economy. That is, its oil and gas economy.  Figuratively and literally, if need be.

And essentially, go back to earth. An utopian pre-industrial Walden-like existence. Where every one of us,  all 35 million of us Canadians, live off the land and tend to our garden and our cattle in our cute little farms.

And only sustained by utopian clean, renewable energy, pursuant to strict NIMBYism principles,  “ if you wouldn’t want it in your backyard, then it doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard.”

Which means no fracking renewal energy, of any sort-wind farm or solar- you frackingly stupid Hollywood nimrods!

Even the left of centre, Globe and Mail, corroborated my analysis of this lefty lunatic panacea.

The Globe’s editorial states:

“The manifesto calls for immediate social revolution in response to the threat of climate change. Its “demands” include “innovative ownership structures” as an alternative to “the profit-gouging of private companies,” and a “new iron law of energy development” that, if taken seriously, would pretty much put an end to every project ever – pipelines, windmills and solar-panel farms included. This iron law states, “If you wouldn’t want it in your backyard, then it doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard.”

If these Canadian movie stars and rock stars had expected that their natural audience, the leftist NDP party and its supporters would be influenced and jazzed by these suggestions, they were seriously misled. Or they have been powdering their noses, with “questionable” products.

Because this manifesto sank faster than Adam Sandler’s once buoyant career.

Response from NDP leader Mulcair and his NDP party- zip, nada, zero- crickets.

And for good reason, as the Globe’s editorial concludes:

“We don’t think Mr. Mulcair endorses the manifesto’s madness. He is far more moderate than that. He is also a politician, and he wants to govern a country that is by its nature suspicious of radical social upheaval, especially when promulgated by rock stars.

I love you, Rachel McAdams.  Because of your film work, you are the archetypal sweet Canadian “girl next door”.

But by signing your name to this crazy manifesto, while probably being chauffeured around in a very large gas-guzzling limo, from movie premiere to movie premiere and from private VIP party to private VIP party- you have transformed yourself into the ditzy, brain-dead lefty goof next door. Not a pretty picture, Rachel, my dear.

He did the right thing: In further defense of Nigel Wright

About two years ago, when the Duffy/Wright story broke in the news, I wrote a ringing and unqualified defence of Nigel Wright and his actions – in the Huffington Post.

If I must say so myself, my views and opinion of Wright then – his cool and calm intelligence, his strength of character, his integrity and his desire to do the “right” thing under enormous pressure; for his country, his party, his Prime Minister and for himself – still apply and resonate today.

In Canada we have a horribly biased leftist press – the CBC, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail, just to name the most prominent offenders – whose hatred for all things Conservative, conservative, Stephen Harper and related have thoroughly perverted and distorted their perspective on Canadian politics and more importantly, the Canadian people.

Because the Canadian people have moved on from the Duffy affair.

The biased leftist press don’t get that the Canadian people are “smarter than the average bear”.

The Canadian people are also smarter and more astute than the average CBC, Toronto Star and Globescribe, trying to pass but failing miserably as a legitimate journalist.

Because the bottom line for the Canadian people is that this horribly blown out of proportion Duffy matter is about $90,000 of questionable expenses incurred by Duffy related to his Ottawa home and his personal expenses.

These expenses Duffy claimed may not be illegal under the “loosey goosey” Senate rules, but certainly appeared morally wrong to Nigel Wright and his PMO colleagues, at the time.

So Wright wanted Duffy to do the right thing and pay back these questionable expenses. Duffy agreed, then he backtracked, then he agreed in part but with certain conditions. Then the thoroughly slimy Duffy confessed he did not have the funds to do the right thing and reimburse the Canadian taxpayers.

If I was Wright, after all of Duffy’s hemming and hawing, and to-ing and fro-ing, and lying and backsliding, I would have taken matters in my own hands – literally – and rung his fat jowly neck.

Instead, Nigel Wright did the right thing. He went to his own pocket to do what that piggish putz failed to do.

For years the leftist biased press has turned a blind eye to their fellow Liberal travelers abusing and wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer money in order to stay in power.

We do not need to look further than the sorry example of the Ontario Liberals these last 10 years, engulfed in multi-billion dollar scandals, such as eHealth, Ornge, cancellation of two power plants and the deletion of emails relating thereto, just to name a few.

But the Canadian people have not ignored or forgotten these disgusting raids on their own funds.

So despite all the media efforts to dump on Wright, and despite all the efforts of Duffy’s counsel to sling mud at him, Nigel Wright, in the eyes of the Canadian public, did the right thing under near impossible conditions.

Wright literally put his money and his beliefs where his mouth was. Unlike the majority of Liberals and NDP career pols calling for his hide.

And for the majority of Canadians, that’s what counts the most: The bottom line is the bottom line.

Nigel respected the Canadian taxpayer by respecting Canadian taxpayer money.

I doff my frayed chapeau to Nigel Wright, a truly great Canadian.

Mystery of missing and murdered aboriginal women solved. The cause? Cuts to CBC programs

The RCMP recently released an updated and very controversial report on missing and murdered aboriginal women, which specifically concluded that about 70% of murdered aboriginal women were killed by native male Indians – that is, spouses, family members, acquaintances or otherwise known to the female victims.

The response by the liberal media (i.e. CBC) and aboriginal leaders was, let us say, quite underwhelming.

Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC’s “The Current” found these statistics alarming. She appeared particularly shocked that these RCMP “findings,” by a federal agency under the control of the Harper Conservatives, would suggest that indigenous men would be at all responsible for the disappearance and/or deaths of aboriginal women with whom they were involved or knew in their community.

The fact that the CBC and the progressive liberal press appear to be genuinely surprised by the RCMP’s irrefutable evidence-based findings, that the predominant killers of murdered aboriginal women are in fact native Indian men, should not come as a shock to those who have diligently followed the CBC over the years.

For years the CBC and other political liberal media, have been deluding themselves and perpetuating the myths that red-necked, long gun-toting, white conservative Harper-loving serial killer types or overweight pig farmers were running wild in the north and in western Canada preying on defenceless aboriginal women.

So imagine the surprise at the CBC that the causes of such deaths may be closer to home – literally in the homes and communities of aboriginal women.

However, in the case of the CBC and its fellow liberal/progressive media travellers, once they have been seized with a certain narrative, a certain inflexible way of seeing the world through rosy liberal glasses, it is next to impossible to suddenly and fundamentally change the direction of the story. Notwithstanding the actual facts on the ground have changed.

Accordingly, I believe that myopic people like Tremonti and the whole bunch at CBC still believe – notwithstanding the definitive conclusions of the recent RCMP reports – that a multi-year $50+ million public inquiry is still required to look into the root causes of how Canada, Canadians, and especially the Harper Conservatives have failed aboriginal women.

Knowing the CBC as well as I do, after decades of exposure to this publicly-funded institution, I believe that it is perfectly reasonable to assume that the CBC sincerely believe that one solution to the deaths of all these unfortunate aboriginal women is to significantly restore CBC funding so that CBC can create and produce inspiring and innovated aboriginal programming here in downtown Toronto, so as to positively influence the behavior of native Indian men.

The harsh reality is that such programming would be quite irrelevant to the First Nations experience, but very beneficial to the many politically correct, Toronto-based TV writers, directors and producers favorable to CBC, who are suffering from severe unemployment, while forced to make outrageous mortgage payments on their over-priced downtown Toronto condos.

But I digress.

Note in the RCMP’s original 2014 report on this matter, covering a period from 1980-2012, and based on police reports from all the provinces and territories, the RCMP found that there were a shocking 1,017 female aboriginal homicides and 164 missing aboriginal women.

Even though the female aboriginal population consists of only 4.3% of the total Canadian female population, the figure of 1,017 murdered aboriginal women represent about 16% of all Canadian female homicides.

This report also concluded that most homicides were committed by men and most of the perpetuators knew their victims – whether as an acquaintance or a spouse.

Interestingly,  at that time, the RCMP, in order not to be accused of racism and “native Indianaphobia” and the RCMP, apparently overly concerned with the sensitivities of the overall male aboriginal population, failed to specifically directly  lay the blame on the whole male aboriginal population for containing within their ranks – abusive native Indian men, rapists and murderers.

In the above-noted 2015 updated report, the RCMP did not make the same mistake again. To their credit, they did not pull any punches.

The said report concluded: “Parallel to the findings of the 2014 Overview in which most homicide victims had a previous rela­tionship with the offender (meaning, native male Indians,) the 2013 and 2014 RCMP data reveals that the offender was known to the victim in 100% of the solved homicides of Aboriginal women in RCMP jurisdiction.”

In other words, in 100% of the solved murders of aboriginal women from 2013 and 2014, in RCMP jurisdictions, the murderers were 100% native male Indians.

Predictably – and notwithstanding these very clear statistics – Bernice Martial, the Grand Chief of Treaty Six in central Saskatchewan and Alberta, is unconvinced that responsibility for the tragedy can be pinned on native men.

“How are they collecting and compiling all this information? To me, it just doesn’t drive,” she said in a telephone interview with the Globe & Mail. “The RCMP is under the federal government, they have to comply with their policies and whatever they are told, they have to do. What I would like to see is an independent national inquiry.”

Furthermore, Chief Martial and other First Nations chiefs do not see the connection between native Indian men abusing and killing aboriginal women and native Indian men being responsible for abusing and killing aboriginal women.

To these chiefs, many aboriginals and many liberal and progressive Canadians, these statistics are irrelevant. They should be ignored. It just doesn’t drive. To these people, this is not a male native Indian issue, it is a Canadian issue.

As such, these people believe the Harper Government and all the other federal parties should support another Justice Murray Sinclair “Truth and Reconciliation Part 2 – The Sequel” public inquiry, investigating the disappearance and the murder of aboriginal women. (Because 40 independent previous studies, which all have come to the same conclusion, are irrelevant and should be ignored.)

Apparently “Truth and Rec 2” should also last at least five years.  Cost $50+ million.  And employ tons of politically-connected aboriginal lawyers or aboriginal-friendly lawyers, consultants, lobbyists and general hangers on. All on the taxpayers’ dime.

This TR2 Commission should look at such root causes as the residential school system of 50 years ago, British colonialism, failed treaty negotiations, global warming, the existence of oil pipelines and most importantly, the lack of CBC programming of heroic aboriginals as influential role models.

In other words, more Adam Beach in Arctic Air or repeats of North of 60.

I get it. If I lived on a steady diet of Dragons Den and the unfunny Rick Mercer and Mr. D, I too would be driven to violence.

But more funding for CBC, that may be a bridge too far for us poor suffering taxpayers.