He did the right thing: In further defense of Nigel Wright

About two years ago, when the Duffy/Wright story broke in the news, I wrote a ringing and unqualified defence of Nigel Wright and his actions – in the Huffington Post.

If I must say so myself, my views and opinion of Wright then – his cool and calm intelligence, his strength of character, his integrity and his desire to do the “right” thing under enormous pressure; for his country, his party, his Prime Minister and for himself – still apply and resonate today.

In Canada we have a horribly biased leftist press – the CBC, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail, just to name the most prominent offenders – whose hatred for all things Conservative, conservative, Stephen Harper and related have thoroughly perverted and distorted their perspective on Canadian politics and more importantly, the Canadian people.

Because the Canadian people have moved on from the Duffy affair.

The biased leftist press don’t get that the Canadian people are “smarter than the average bear”.

The Canadian people are also smarter and more astute than the average CBC, Toronto Star and Globescribe, trying to pass but failing miserably as a legitimate journalist.

Because the bottom line for the Canadian people is that this horribly blown out of proportion Duffy matter is about $90,000 of questionable expenses incurred by Duffy related to his Ottawa home and his personal expenses.

These expenses Duffy claimed may not be illegal under the “loosey goosey” Senate rules, but certainly appeared morally wrong to Nigel Wright and his PMO colleagues, at the time.

So Wright wanted Duffy to do the right thing and pay back these questionable expenses. Duffy agreed, then he backtracked, then he agreed in part but with certain conditions. Then the thoroughly slimy Duffy confessed he did not have the funds to do the right thing and reimburse the Canadian taxpayers.

If I was Wright, after all of Duffy’s hemming and hawing, and to-ing and fro-ing, and lying and backsliding, I would have taken matters in my own hands – literally – and rung his fat jowly neck.

Instead, Nigel Wright did the right thing. He went to his own pocket to do what that piggish putz failed to do.

For years the leftist biased press has turned a blind eye to their fellow Liberal travelers abusing and wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer money in order to stay in power.

We do not need to look further than the sorry example of the Ontario Liberals these last 10 years, engulfed in multi-billion dollar scandals, such as eHealth, Ornge, cancellation of two power plants and the deletion of emails relating thereto, just to name a few.

But the Canadian people have not ignored or forgotten these disgusting raids on their own funds.

So despite all the media efforts to dump on Wright, and despite all the efforts of Duffy’s counsel to sling mud at him, Nigel Wright, in the eyes of the Canadian public, did the right thing under near impossible conditions.

Wright literally put his money and his beliefs where his mouth was. Unlike the majority of Liberals and NDP career pols calling for his hide.

And for the majority of Canadians, that’s what counts the most: The bottom line is the bottom line.

Nigel respected the Canadian taxpayer by respecting Canadian taxpayer money.

I doff my frayed chapeau to Nigel Wright, a truly great Canadian.

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