First Nations men are MORE responsible for missing, murdered Aboriginal women than anyone realizes

For the last several weeks, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star have tried desperately to rationalize the expenditure of millions Canadian taxpayer dollars in another wasteful inquiry about the murder and disappearance of female Canadian Indians.

Armed with liberal self-righteousness and blinded by political correctness, the reporters have pored over countless RCMP studies and police reports relating to the disappearance and murder of over 1,000 Canadian female Indians in the last several decades.

Their thesis is that the RCMP and police reports are false, that these legitimate government agencies are fudging the numbers and underestimating the real cause of the murder and disappearance of these unfortunate women.

These self-righteous elitist liberal media organizations believe these women are really being killed, abused, tortured and/or made to disappear by a marauding band of white serial killers, and therefore this phenomenon is not an Indian problem, but a Canadian national problem requiring another wasteful and useless multi-million dollar pro-Indian lawyer/consultant/advisory feeding frenzy fee bonanza.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard the Globe and Toronto Star try to twist the facts, fudge the numbers, omit salient facts and emphasize trivial concerns, the irrefutable fact remains that 70% of female Indian victims are killed, abused, raped and/or made to disappear by male Indians.  

Not white serial killers, but men these women know: Husbands, lovers, boyfriends, acquaintances, relatives and members of the Indian reserve.

Note that federal Conservative Party interim leader Rona Ambrose, in a recent Huff Post interview, does not go as far as I do, but she does courageously point the finger at male native leaders for not doing enough to protect the women in their communities.

Unlike Ambrose, I am even prepared to go further. I would say that the number is higher than 70%. I am estimating that another 5%-10% of Indian men are indirectly responsible for the murder, abuse, torture, rape and disappearance of Indian women.


As of result of being abused in the sexist, male-dominated Indian reserve, these vulnerable women flee for a life of drugs and sex work on the streets. This in turn makes them more likely to be abused by non Indian men. But these women would not have fallen into this dangerous lifestyle if they had not been forced to flee the abuse visited upon them by Indian men.

Liberal apologists blame the high number of murdered and missing First Nations women on white privilege, white colonialism, institutional racism, structural racism, unemployment, economic inequality, the residential school legacy — or possibly climate change.

All these ridiculous theories an attempt to shift the responsibility from male Indians to white Canadian society.

The history of Canada is full of stories of ethnic and religious and racial groups facing racism, unemployment, and inequality. But in none of these racial, ethnic or religious groups are women so systematically abused, tortured, raped, killed and made to disappear.

So what is wrong with the Canadian First Nations culture?

It is time for the Canadian Indian society to look at itself and stop blaming the white man for serious and fundamental problems embedded in the society and culture of these Indians.

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