Buckle Up for A Federal Spring Election

I predict Harper is going to the Canadian people this spring for a popular mandate from the Canadian people to fight Islamic terrorism both at home and abroad. As I indicate in the below article, the defining issue will be, do Canadians want their government to protect Canadians and our democratic way of life or do Canadians prefer political correctness and appeasement to the forces which wish to attack us and destroy our Canadian way of life?

If you stand for the Canadian principles of peace, order and good government, please share this post.Why Canadian PM Harper Will Pull The Election Trigger in the Spring

Forget about that fixed federal election date in October, 2015. Prime Minister Harper is going to the Canadian people this spring to seek a popular mandate to defend the Canadian people, Canadian values and Canada’s way of life, against Islamic terrorism.

This will be the defining issue of this spring election.

This election, as in the historic federal election of 1988, ( fought on the free trade issue) will pit two very different leaders, Stephen Harper, leader of the Federal Conservatives, against Justin Trudeau, leader of the Federal Liberals, and their starkly different visions of Canada. And their starkly different views on Islamic terrorism.

PM Harper made it very clear where he and his party stand on Islamic terrorism, when he stated publicly, in response to the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris:

“The fact of the matter is this, ladies and gentleman: The international jihadist movement has declared war. They have declared war on anybody who does not think and act exactly as they wish they would think and act. They have declared war and are already executing it on a massive scale on a whole range of countries with which they are in contact…

And they have declared war on any country like ourselves that values freedom, openness and tolerance. And we may not like this and wish it would go away, but it is not going to go away and the reality is we are going to have to confront it.”

Harper then further stated the invasion of Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State militants last year is only one example of many examples of the conflict between western democratic forces and the international jihadist movement. Harper cited the attacks on soldiers in Canada and a December hostage-taking in Sydney, Australia, in which two hostages died, as other examples of this jihadist war in which Canada and the west are involved.

Harper further explained that Canada’s military interventions in Iraq—both advisers and air strikes against militants—are a response to the rising conflict between the west and Islamic terrorist forces. The Prime Minister said:

“That is what obviously we are doing in concert with our allies—dealing with the very worst manifestation of this—which is an entire jihadist army that is now occupying large parts of Iraq and Syria and obviously other things we are doing both here and in concert with our allies to try and prevent and deal with terrorist planning on our own soil.”

On the domestic front, the Conservatives will go on the offensive with increased legal tools to combat home grown Islamic terrorism.

Remember in hockey as in real life, the best defence against Islamic terrorism is a very good offence.

I predict the Conservatives shortly will come in with aggressive new legislation that will provide police, RCMP, CSIS and other domestic security agencies with the legal tools, powers and measures to deal with Canadian citizens or residents who openly support terrorist attacks on Canadians or back groups that promote this goal, as well as to monitor terrorist groups or groups and individuals who sympathize with such terrorist groups. Specifically, lowering the bar to preventive arrests.

Interestingly, Justin Trudeau, leader of the Federal Liberals, in this hard fought Federal pre-election campaign, is beginning to look more and more like the male Olivia Chow, another early frontrunner, whose Toronto mayoral campaign and appeal stumbled badly and collapsed well before election day.

Since Trudeau became leader, his campaign for Prime Minister was built upon the major plank that he was not Stephen Harper ( as Chow was not Mayor Rob Ford). And that Trudeau was new, shiny, tall, good-looking, with great hair and that serious and substantive policies, ( as Trudeau’s flippant view that the all-important federal budget that will balance itself) would just take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, for Trudeau and the Liberals, national security-related events have sideswiped Trudeau’s lead, namely:

  1. the murder of two Canadian soldiers, one in Quebec and one on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, by home-grown Canadian Islamic terrorists;
  2. the takeover of portions of Syria and Iraq by the murderous Islamic terrorists, ISIS, and the very real threat by ISIS against Canada;
  3. the Islamic terrorist hostage-taking in Sydney, Australia: and more recently,
  4. the Islamic terrorist killings of Charlie Hebdo journalists and Parisian Jewish citizens in Paris.

According to recent Ipso-Reid poll, the Conservatives have increased their lead over the Liberals by a 35% to 31% margin.

The reasons are obvious for Trudeau’s decline.

The Canadian people have lost confidence in Trudeau and his party being up to the job of performing the most fundamental function of the federal government, that is, to protect the Canadian people and Canada’s democratic way of life.

In the wake of these above events, Trudeau and his party are missing in action. And when they are not missing in action, they are fumbling, stumbling, bumbling and scrambling. All for naught.

Trudeau and the Liberal gang who cannot talk or shoot straight, cannot bring themselves to admit that the killings of the two Canadian soldiers were terrorist events ( they claim these wrongdoers were mentally ill, not terrorists.). Alternatively, if they were terrorists, they were not Islamic terrorists, because Islam is a peaceful religion. Alternatively, if they were inspired by Islam to commit terrorist acts, it is more important for Trudeau and the Liberals ( and their cowardly liberal enablers like the CBC, CTV, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail) not to offend the Canadian Muslim community, than to root out Canadian Islamic terrorists and prevent future Canadian home-grown Islamic terrorist acts against Canadians.

In Trudeau and the Liberals’ view, the promotion of multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance trumps the concern for safety and national security.

Fortunately, Harper and the Conservatives take a strong opposing view. The Canadian principles of peace, order and good government and the respect for the rule of law and democratic values and institutions trump political correctness and the appeasement to cultures and to a radical militant form of a religion which wishes to destroy Canadian values and kill and maim its people.

Because stark choices have been provided by Harper and Trudeau, as above noted, that is why Harper will be seeking a decisive and popular mandate from the Canadian people in the spring to fight Islamic jihadism at home and abroad in order to protect the Canadian people and its way of life.

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