Same Sex Marriage Between Jewish Canadian and Palestinian Women – More Uplifting Than Fiction

The American writer, Mark Twain, famously wrote, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

For me, the word, “strange” denotes weird, with certain negative connotations.

But there is nothing strange or weird with the wonderful same sex relationship and marriage of Jess Salomon and Eman El Husseini, seen in this photo. (and note the link to an interview Jess and Eman gave recently on CBC radio).

Full disclosure. Jess is not only a Facebook friend, and a friend, but I am also very proud to say that she is my second cousin from Montreal. A very successful human rights, international war crimes lawyer, turned brilliantly funny stand-up comedienne.

Think a wittier, smarter, bi-sexual red-headed Amy Schumer whose had a kick-ass international legal career. Who is not only laugh out funny, but in her spare time writes devastatingly smart political satire and political commentary.

Reminiscent of her more politically conservative,(but socially libertarian and libertine) and even stranger male cousin, moi. ( Hey, it’s in the genes, we’re family, after all)

Eman is also a brilliantly funny and smart stand-up comic and a terrifically, warm, passionate and compassionate person.

I was initially introduced to Eman as Jess’ partner, a few years ago, at the shiva ( Jewish funeral) of Jess’ grandmother and my great aunt, Nicki.

Admittedly, that was a gutsy move. But what better time to introduce one’s partner, one’s significant other, to the greater, extended Salomon clan. ( for those trying to keep score, my grandma Fanny and Nicki’s husband, Joel aka, Babe, were brother and sister, of a total of 9 siblings, Oy Vey!)

As to the very large and tight Salomon clan, who all stayed and lived in Montreal. And produced children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Think the Sopranos, as if the Sopranos, were manufacturers of men’s wear on Montreal’s The Main.

Both Jess and Eman headline and perform in Yuk Yuks comedy clubs throughout Canada.

Whenever they are in Toronto, I try to catch their individual performances. Both are amazingly funny and quick. They are both a delight.

Now they are making the move to The Big Apple, to seek fame and fortune and who knows, maybe their own show on Comedy Central.

Move over Amy Schumer (who I believe is a cousin of our very own Harvard-Radcliffe classmate, Fran Schumer) and Sarah Silverman, you now got some serious competition, from two brilliantly funny and awesome comics and performers.

jess and eman 2jess and eman

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