Mulcair’s Own Huge Eve Adams’ Blunder- It’s All About Olivia

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair just committed his worst political blunder of this ongoing unofficial federal election campaign. He permitted and in fact promoted the candidacy of Olivia Chow to run as the federal NDP candidate in the newly-formed downtown Toronto Spadina-Fort York riding.

Yes, That Olivia Chow!  Yesterday’s, Yesterday’s, Yesterday’s Woman. Holier than Chow. The Yoko Ono of federal politics. Chow has more political baggage than Imelda Marcos has shoes.

Chow is back from the political dead. The NDP’s own version of the Zombie Apocalyspe.Note zombies are undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh.

In the case of NDP Chow, she is a mindless, reanimated human corpse with a hunger for hard-working Canadian taxpayers’ money, government hand-outs, government pensions and large taxpayer-funded personal expense accounts. And since Mulcair is competitive- the zombie Chow has a new found hunger for political power.

Before we know it, other long dead NDP hateful, anti-Israeli wing nuts as Libby Davies and Svend Robinson, will be making their own zombie comebacks.

Mulcair, a Quebec-based politician, like the clueless Trudeau, who promoted the toxic Eve Adams in Eglinton-Lawrence,  does not know the frack about Toronto politics.

In the recent city-wide 2014 Toronto city mayoral election, Chow was thoroughly humiliated as she came in a very distant third, (23%) having lost to John Tory (40%) and Doug Ford (33%).Chow did not even carry the municipal wards of her former federal riding of Trinity-Spadina.

Chow lost with good reason.

Chow came across as a horrible politician and public figure. She was inarticulate, ill-informed, uninspiring and generally confused and ignorant about the issues.

When Chow stupidly and arrogantly favored buses for Scarberians as opposed to subways, she lost all of the suburban vote and the whole election- right then and there.

No one believed or trusted Chow when she talked out of two sides of her mouth. On one side-fiscal prudence- on the other side- Chow promised budget-breaking and expensive social programs for children and unemployed youth.

Chow’s pathetic political performance exposed a harsh political truth.

Chow’s previous political success, especially in federal politics, was clearly as a result of Chow riding the coat tails of her charismatic, articulate husband, Jack Layton.

And without Layton or his people to prop up the wooden Chow, she fell dramatically on her political face.

Mulcair and his people think that in this upcoming federal election, Chow will fare better as she is running in Spadina-Fort York. Parts of this new federal riding constitute her old federal riding of Trinity-Spadina, which she represented as an NDP MP prior to her ill-fated attempt to run for Toronto city mayor.

But this time, Chow faces a formidable, street-fighting opponent in incumbent Liberal MP Adam Vaughan.

Vaughan has already mercilessly lambasted Chow for being a power-hungry, cynical, opportunist and serial quitter,  accusing of Chow of quitting Ottawa to run for the Toronto mayoralty. And now quitting Ryerson as a visiting instructor to run once again federally for the NDP in parts of her old riding.

This federal campaign will be down and dirty and nasty. And thoroughly enjoyable.

I predict Chow will be once again humiliated in defeat.

But more importantly, the very fact that Mulcair has put his good name behind Chow,  this radical socialist tax and spend, anti-biz, anti-private sector,  John Sewell-like scary/crazy career pol from the 80s will hurt Mulcair personally and the NDP brand in all of Ontario.

For us, conservative political pundits, the return of the politically unrepentant and undead zombie Chow, is like Christmas and Hanukah in July.

In the next few months we are going to have so much fun driving political stakes in that cold-hearted Chow.

Check out the undead Chow’s recent campaign announcement. Her mouth is moving, but not the rest of her face. She is mouthing the words.  But her eyes do not move. She is Soulless,  As Mulcair pulls her strings.  She is so scary.
Chow’s campaign is going to be a freaking horror show.

I can’t wait.

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