“My old Harvard classmate Bill Kristol is disastrously wrong about Trump”

Ever since Donald Trump started winning Republican primaries, Bill Kristol and his fellow travelers on The Weekly Standard have written numerous anti-Trump tirades. But the more they fulminate against Trump, the more Trump keeps winning.

It’s been enormously amusing to watch these GOP fat cat pundits humiliate themselves day after day, week after week.

They don’t get Trump. They don’t understand his populist appeal. They don’t know or understand the millions of average working class Americans who are supporting Trump.

They also don’t realize that their time has passed.

Within a decade they’ve gone from being powerful Bush advisers and neo-confidantes to political dinosaurs.

Instead of focusing his efforts on defeating the scandal-riddled, mendacious Hillary Clinton, Kristol and his right wing lunatic lackeys are trying to devise anti-democratic schemes to wrest the nomination from Trump in a brokered GOP convention.

And if that ridiculous effort fails (ya think?) Kristol says he wants wants to engineer the creation of an independent third-party candidate specifically to hurt Trump’s chances of winning the presidency.

Bill, as your former Harvard classmate, I must confess that I did admire, on occasion, your political courage as a young Republican in a predominantly liberal/democratic Ivy League school.

And since then, you have certainly made a name for yourself an influential conservative pundit and commentator.

But Bill, are you friggin’ nuts?

There is no way in hell that Trump delegates at the GOP convention will leave their man behind after the first ballot and vote for some Washington-based GOP establishment political hack like Paul Ryan or a clueless, politically tone-deaf Mitt Romney parachuted in to supposedly save the day.

Trump’s populist support is rock-solid, primal, visceral and emotional. This support is reminiscent of the rock-solid and immovable support that Rob Ford enjoyed, despite (because of?) the over the top, often irrational media opposition, both nation-wide and world-wide.

Now Kristol has floated the ridiculous trial balloon of encouraging some idiot to run as a independent third party candidate, a la Ross Perot. He approached the clueless former Texas governor Rick Perry, who to his credit turned Kristol down.

Trump has gone on Sunday talk shows and criticized this move as a recipe for GOP disaster and a scheme that will guarantee the election of the hated Hillary.

Fortunately, the Republican National Committee, seeing the writing on the wall, has condemned Kristol’s third party scheme as one that would just help Hillary.

Perhaps Trump supporters should take some comfort that Kristol has had a horrible track record of making disastrous predictions. In 2006, he predicted Barack Obama would lose every primary to Hillary Clinton. In October 2015, he predicted Vice President Biden would jump into the presidential race. Kristol was also convinced in February, 2016, that Rubio would win the New Hampshire.

Kristol also has wrongly predicted on eleven different occasions that Trump had peaked! Yet the Republican establishment in Washington still takes Kristol seriously.

As an anti-establishment shite disturber at heart, I love the sight of puffed up, over-rated, conservative and liberal pundits, being hoist on their own petards.

I predict Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee and he will destroy Hillary in the general election. He will drive a stake into that cold, heartless, conniving, manipulative, untrustworthy woman, once and for all.

Trump more years.

Rob Ford, Rest in Peace, Buddy

I am personally devastated by the sudden death of Rob Ford. About six months ago, I had dinner with Rob at a downtown Italian bistro. At that time Rob appeared happy and optimistic. He had lost some weight.

The cancer appeared in remission or at least appeared- beatable. At dinner, Ford had that political fire in his belly. He was highly critical of the Tory mayoralty and in two years he was going take him on again and win back the mayoralty.

Though the cancer beat Ford today, the cancer will never wipe out the love and affection that many Torontonians had for this man. His strength as a person is that he genuinely cared about people and he sincerely wanted to help them out. Whether it be by fixing the potholes in the neighborhood, ensuring the heat was turned back on in the apartment,  or making sure there was sufficient local police in the area to ensure the safety of the local citizens. The little things that mean a great deal to the average man or woman on the street. Regardless of race, color, creed, gender, ethnicity or religion.

Rob Ford was the consummate retail politician. A true man of the people. And he had great political instincts.

These political traits made him ultimately a very formidable politician. Rob was fiercely supported by a large number of people, from all walks of life, men and women, young and old, old stock Toronto and very visible nonwhite minorities (collectively, Ford Nation) who stuck by him through thick and thick and through all his personal problems. The rock-solid support of his followers never wavered. Never bent. Never collapsed. Even his political foes and media opponents grudgingly acknowledged that fact.

Hey, buddy, the fight is over. You can safely rest in peace. But your indomitable spirit and the many fond memories will always linger on among your many friends and followers.

Mitch Wolfe Recalls With Great Fondness Ford Fest 2014- And the True Face of Ford Nation

Ford Fest 2014 (Scarborough) Major Success- Ford is Back!!!

I attended last year’s 2013 Ford Fest in Scarborough and this one in the summer of 2014 was bigger, more boisterous and the crowd was stronger and more vocal and clearly loyal to their man, Rob Ford. Like last year, I was very impressed with the diversity of support that came out for Ford.

This time about 75% of the 10,000-15,000 in attendance were non white representing all the major communities in this great city of Toronto: the black, Asian, South Asian, Persian, Filippino, South American, Middle Eastern, European, Eastern European communities and many many more.

Young and old. Families, singletons, all ages, all nationalities and even some old stock white Torontonians made the trek to Scarborough, Thompson Park, to have a photo with Ford or just be part of Ford Nation.

In this photo I am with some very impressive hard-working Scarborough women who are fiercely loyal to Rob Ford. They love and respect this man. They told me that he relates to them. They trust him.

They will go to the wall for him. The lovely woman next to me, Georgette, thought so highly of Rob Ford that she named her little boy, the son she is holding, Rob Ford.

The tradition continues.
Fordy More Years!!!
Ford Nation forever!!!

Violent Leftist Agitators Prevent Trump from Speaking in Chicago

How are violent agitators bent on preventing Donald Trump from speaking at a peaceful rally in Chicago, Trump’s fault?

Simple answer, this is not Trump’s fault.

Let’s cut to the chase.

The fault lies with those violent agitators who publicly stated that they wanted to shut the Trump speech and rally down. These violent persons, and I would not even honor them by calling them protesters, clearly identified themselves as Bernie Sanders’ supporters and Clinton supporters. In other words, they are leftists and Democratic supporters.

But of course, the liberal media and Trump haters will blame Trump for the actions of these people, who believe that they and they alone, have the democratic and constitutional right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. But any person or group, who does not share their views or espouse views that they oppose, these agitators believe that “those others” do not possess and deserve similar democratic and constitutional rights.

Interestingly,  this violent shut down of a peaceful Trump rally played out in Chicago. And it is not a stretch to suggest that the perpetrators of these violent, undemocratic actions were also staunch supporters of President Obama.

Accordingly, they are the face of the Age of Obama, which fortunately is coming to a close.

This is a President who campaigned on bringing the various groups of American society together.

But, Obama, during his two terms, subtly stoked the flames of division in American society.

During his two terms, it became commonplace and acceptable for left-oriented student groups to violently shut down peaceful public talks by political leaders or public commentators on American college campuses, who did not share the agitators’ beliefs.

Obama, the so-called great leader and great orator stood by silently when the rights of American students were trampled by these violent perps.

The responsibility for shutting down Trump’s talk at the University of Illinois is clearly the fault and responsibility of the perpetrators. And Obama, for his negligence throughout his two terms, should also bear responsibility, because these people who prefer violence to dialogue are his supporters—and his people.

Shame on Obama. Shame on these people. By their actions, they are trampling on the American Constitution.

Lastly, to his credit, Trump, when faced with a very difficult situation not of his doing, acted calmly and responsibly under pressure and made the right decision in cancelling his talk. Trump showed great grace under pressure.

And he came across as very cool, calm, contemplative, decisive and above all, presidential.

Can Rubio and the GOP Elites Be Any More Inept?

Simple answer.  I still do not think we have seen the depths of stupidity that Rubio and the GOP elites (Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Speaker Ryan, Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, Mr. 1% himself, Mitt Romney,  Karl Rove, Bush’s diabolical Svengali et al) will descend. In their own ridiculous efforts of cutting of their noses, their limbs and their manhood to spite themselves and their own GOP party, to stop The Donald.

At this stage of the political game, I don’t think Donald Trump can even stop Donald Trump. And his date with destiny.

The ultimate warrior duel to the death with Hurricane Hillary, the Arkansas Hellcat.

Recently, political analyst Ed Kilgore of the New Yorkmagazine argued that it is not Trump, because of his massive ego, who is threatening a takeover of the GOP party, it is Rubio and his clueless and politically tone-deaf GOP establishment types who are supporting his failing campaign.

The more Rubio loses, the more he argues that he is the true voice of the GOP party and the GOP elites.  To date he has lost badly in every major GOP primary by huge margins to Trump and Cruz.

Except for winning a closed GOP Minnesota caucus and Puerto Rico.

Rubio still claims against all evidence to the contrary that he represents the majority of GOP voters who oppose Donald Trump.  Yet few GOP or independent voters are voting for him! Who is the con man now?

And still GOP Senators, governors and elected GOP reps are endorsing him. Yet the more they endorse Rubio, the worse he does.

Rubio just got killed on Super Saturday where he lost against Trump and Cruz in Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas and Maine.

And Rubio is 15% behind in the most recent Florida poll, his own home state!

Political pundits are suggesting that if Rubio loses in Florida, he has crossed the Rubio-Con.

Marco has already crossed the metaphorical Rubicon, when he was embarrassed on Super Tuesday.

Now Rubio and his elitist GOP Washington-based establishment types are doubling down.

They and Rubio are threatening to take the fight to stop Trump to the convention floor.

In other words, against the obvious democratic will of the people, they want to stop Trump in some brokered, behind closed doors sleazy deal.

Can these so-called GOP experts and these fat cat GOP politicos be any more stupid?

These idiots have handed Trump an even greater cause. The popular will of the people against the slimy back-room machinations of power-hungry Washington insiders!

Sanders was right.  There is a revolution going on.

It is the revolution of the people against the political elites. Trump is the agent of this change and of this political revolution. And all establishment figures will be swamped under this tsunami of change and anger, including Hillary, the archetypal Washington insider.  Because the majority of the American people don’t give a shite that Hillary will be the first female president.

You heard it here first. Trump is going to ride this wave of anger and revolution right into the Trump White House.

Hillary is Toast- Trump is Going All the Way

Last night Trump won overwhelmingly in the GOP Nevada caucuses. Trump-45.9/5% to Rubio- 23.9% and Cruz-21.4%.

To date Trump has won in northeast New Hampshire, South Carolina and the wild west of Nevada. His support is clearly national, broad-based and he is attracting all segments of society- not just angry old men and women.

He has captured New Hampshire independents, South Carolina evangelicals and Nevada Mormons and rural activists. Trump even captured 45% of Hispanic vote in the Nevada caucus, notwithstanding his strong anti-immigrant position.Trump also did very well in Midwest Iowa, coming a strong second to Cruz.

In his victory speech last night, The Donald confirmed what I have been stating for weeks. Trump is winning the old, the young, the highly educated and as Trump so characteristically called, “ the poorly educated.” To which he ad-libbed, “I love the poorly educated. They are the smartest and the most loyal.” That is pure Trumpism. Brilliant. Honest. And that is why Trump is winning. He is connecting with people, like no one else in the Republican or Democratic races. Because Trump is being Trump; profane, crude, blunt, brash, controversial. Anti-establishment. And the American people love him.

Sixty per cent of people polled in Nevada support a candidate who is not part of the political establishment.
I suspect that is true of Democrats and independents as well in America.

American people are sick and tired of both the Democratic and Republican establishments.

They are equally sick and tired of the very tired and disappointing Obama Presidency. A president who is now being mocked and ridiculed in Europe, Asia, the Mideast and around the world for being a spineless wimp. For “leading from behind”.  For failing to step up when Syria’s Assad crossed Obama’s “red line”, and for cutting and running in Benghazi and leaving Americans to be tortured and slaughtered. And for alienating America’s traditional allies.

Obama has also diminished America and Americans in the eyes of its enemies; through his inactivity, his indifference, and his overall weakness and spinelessness.

And who has the politically tone-deaf Hillary Clinton aligned herself with, but the failed and failing Obama presidency.

Hillary Clinton epitomizes the American political establishment.  The tired, decaying and dying sclerotic status quo.

There is a revolution stirring in American politics. The angry American people are mad as hell and they are not taking it any more. And by electing Trump president, they want to send a message to Hillary heard around the world.

Get the frack out of Washington and politics, you tired, lying, corrupt, political hack!

Trump’s Road to the White House Just Became Smoother

The results are in from the most recent Republican primary in South Carolina. As predicted, Donald Trump won his second consecutive primary contest. Trump- 32% and the runners up- being Senator Cruz and Rubio, both at about at 22%.

I hate to the bearer of bad news to the Republican political establishment, the “Anyone But Trump” cabal of fat cat fossilized old fogies; those die-hard denizens of the National Review and the Weekly Standard- the sanctimonious keepers of the conservative flame; and of course, those hundreds of long-time wealthy and well-connected conservative politicos who have been backing Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

But it is time to face the music and dance with Trump. Because Trump is going all the way in these Republican primaries—whether you myopic political hacks are on board- or not.And the more you bury your collective heads in the political sands, or tear your Brooks Brother threads in frustration and hunt around for the anti-Trump, no-name John Kasich or not-ready-for-prime-time Rubio—you further continue to marginalize yourselves and call into question your previously hard-earned good political judgment.

Despite being attacked from all sides in the debates, despite multi-million dollar attack ads from Bush-supporting PACs, and despite being attacked by many lame stream media columnists and commentators from the Washington Post, New York Times, the New Yorker, CNN and Fox, Trump and his core support have held firm.

We have seen this populist movie before here in good old Toronto, with Rob Ford and then his brother Doug.

I predict that Trump’s populist appeal is deeply emotional, visceral, personal and unshakeable. Broad as it is deep.

And his growing core supporters will stick with Trump through hell and high water.Trump’s critics could call Trump all kinds of names until they are blue and red in the face: bigot, racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, but they have had no impact on Trump. More importantly, these public epithets, this juvenile name-calling have had no impact on Trump’s core support. And will have no effect on this core group, going forward into the spring, summer and fall through the Republican primaries. And through the down and dirty, winner take all, race to the Presidency.

Nothing short of Trump being criminally indicted will stop this powerful, seemingly indestructible Trump train.

After three hard-fought and contentious primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, we have a much better handle on who constitutes Trump’s core supporters.

The most recent South Carolina primary confirmed that Trump had retained the support of men, moderate conservatives, those without college degrees and older voters.

In addition—and this was a huge shock to Cruz supporters and mainstream Republicans—Trump also won the support of white evangelical voters by 8 percentage points over Senator Cruz.

This very powerful and influential Republican group in South Carolina made up approximately 70 percent of Republican voters in the state and had been the backbone of Senator Ted Cruz’s support. Obviously no longer.

Recall about a month ago, in an effort to bolster his support among socially conservative Republicans, while at the same time alienating Trump from this very same group, Cruz accused Trump of “embodying New York values”.

In other words, contrary to Republican socially conservative dogma, Trump was soft on abortion and gay marriage.  Cruz further implicitly accused Trump,  as a born and bred New Yorker, as being overly focused on money and the media.

Well, Senator Cruz-  Duh!!!  Donald Trump owes his very political and public appeal to being totally focused on success, money and the media. And Republicans—both social conservatives and moderates—appear to be fine with Trump’s positions.

Because Republicans, young and old, male and female, conservative and moderate, urban, suburban and rural, all appear to more concerned about the economy, the threat of terrorism and radical Islam, (both foreign and abroad),  America’s broken immigration system, and the fact that America has lost its way.

And Trump, above all the other Republican contenders, has clearly tapped into these issues.

My view is that if Cruz could not beat Trump in evangelical-rich South Carolina, then I don’t like Cruz’s chances in delegate-rich and socially conservative states like Texas, Virginia and Florida.

Cruz’s chances become even worse as the primary fight shifts to more moderate Republican states in the northeast, Midwest and the west.

In addition, as Cruz falters more, I predict that Cruz’s natural conservative support will gravitate to Trump,  followed by the remnants of Jeb Bush and Kasich supporters and not to the wishy washy Rubio, who has clearly failed to inspire and connect with the greater Republican electorate.

To me, Trump’s victory in the Republican primaries seems inevitable. To the clueless Republican political establishment – not so much.