Hotline No Ring: The Obama/Trudeau bromance is over

During the most recent Canadian federal election, when Liberal leader Justin “Selfie” Trudeau reached out to fellow liberal US President Barack Obama for advice, it was love at first sight.

The chemistry was palpable. Both loved basking in their own glory. Both narcissistic to the max. Barack aspired to be post-racial. Justin aspired to a good facial.

They used to chat on the presidential hotline like two love-struck teenagers. Giggling and gossiping and dissing their opponents.

But stuff happened. Their love is no more. Justin sits by his selfie phone, but Barack never calls.

With a nod to my friend, Drake, here is Justin’s lament:

“Hotline- No Ring”

You used to call me on my selfie phone
All day, when you need my vote
Call me on my selfie phone
Late night, when you need support
But your hotline no ring
That can only mean one thing
When your hotline no ring
That can only mean one thing.

Ever since I left the ISIS fight
I got a rep as a useless wimp
Europe wants to leave me out
B, you let me down, you got me kicked out

Cause ever since I left the ISIS fight, you
Started caring less, ignoring me more
Meetings with Aussies on the UN Floor
Hanging with the Dutch, don’t you care anymore?

Ever since I brought in Syrians, you, you, you
You and me, we don’t see eye to eye
I know they’re not martyrs
And would hit on your daughters
You make me feel like I did you wrong
You treat me like I don’t belong.

Ever since I backed away from ISIS
You treat me like I stepped in “scheisis”
Going to Euro meetings without me
Ever since I cut and run,
You think I’m the ballless one
Sucking up to every terrorist
With a knife or gun.

Ever since I caved on ISIS
You never call me on my selfie phone.

German polls: Steep drop in support for Merkel, migrants

As a result of the New Year’s Eve sexual attacks in Cologne and in other German cities by North African/Arab Muslim immigrants, it is just a matter of time before Merkel is thrown under the DeinBus by her own party.

Speaking of DeinBus, a busload of 31 Syrian refugees was sent from a small town in Bavaria (the conservative heartland of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party [CDU] and its coalition partner, the Christian Social Union [CSU) to Merkel’s Berlin office, to demonstrate Bavaria’s opposition to any more refugees being permitted in its region.

Peter Drier, the mayor of the Bavarian town of Landshut was likely speaking for the majority of German people complaining that the current number of over one million refugees cannot be properly integrated and treated properly, particularly if Germany was to face another wave of one million refugees this year.

To date, Merkel has refused to put a cap on the number of refugees entering Germany, on the lame excuse that such a cap can not be enforced. Of course such a cap can be enforced. But it would require erecting walls and fences and doing what other European nations are doing, out of political and national necessity.

Recent polls indicated that Merkel’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest rating since 2011, primarily due to her mishandling the refugee crisis, especially after the Cologne assaults.

Sixty per cent of the poll respondents said that Germany could no longer withstand the flood of refugees, up from 46% in December. Fifty-six per cent of Germans disapproved of Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis, while 39% supported the Chancellor.

My gut feeling is that this poll seriously underestimates the depth of opposition to Merkel, and to the influx of any more refugees in Germany.

Another German poll revealed that 61% of respondents were opposed to accepting any more refugees since the assaults, and only 29% of those polled believed that Merkel and her government could handle the unrestricted influx of mostly Muslim refugees.

The popularity of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union has dropped to 37%.

To further complicate Merkel’s political life, her coalition partner, the Christian Social Union Party, hasthreatened to take the German government to federal court to force the Merkel government to limit the number of refugees.

(In effect, the CSU are taking themselves to court. How bizarre!)

Another junior coalition partner of Merkel’s government, the Social Democrats, have already broken ranks with Merkel over the refugee matter.

In addition, 40 politicians from Merkel’s own party, CDU, have signed a petition calling for the borders to be closed for all asylum seekers.

Frankly, I, as many Germans and Europeans outside Germany and North Americans, feel a certainSchadenfreude in the precipitous fall of the impervious and proud Merkel.

For years, Merkel, as leader of the most powerful economic engine of Europe, ruled with an iron fiscal fist over the struggling economies of Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain, showing very little sympathy for the plight of their citizens.

Now Merkel is caught in a mishegas of her own making.

It is just a matter of time before a putsch in her own ranks pushes her out of power.

Auf Wiedersehen, Chancellor Merkel: The Sudden Decline of Europe’s Iron Lady

I predict that Chancellor Merkel of Germany, the most powerful European leader of the most powerful country in Europe, will resign within months, if not weeks, forced out by members of her own party, the Christian Democrats (CDU), and her party’s coalition partners.

The causes are many and they keep multiplying, daily.

Let us start with the thoroughly disgusting rapes and other crimes that happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and in other German cities.

To date, more than 500 women have filed criminal complaints over the New Year’s Eve attacks, with 40% alleging sexual assaults. Two women have claimed to have been raped. Many victims identified their attackers as men of Arab or North African origin. Of the 32 people suspected of these crimes, 22 are asylum seekers.

The head of the German Federal Criminal Police Office, along with police in Berlin, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart reported similar incidents. Furthermore, police in Vienna and Salzburg in Austria, and Zurich in Switzerland, raised the alarm about similar mass assaults against women by newly arrived Arab migrants. Sweden and Finland also experienced the same on New Year’s Eve.

On Merkel’s watch, these poor defenseless women have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. They were victims of her party’s self-destructive fixation with importing and protecting Arab and Muslim men whose cultures and belief systems are hostile to German and European values of equality of men and women.

Why were the German police incapable of protecting the women in Cologne and other German cities? They were under strict orders from Merkel’s officials to keep away from the rampaging Arab and North African migrants for fear of being viewed as racist or anti-immigrant and thereby giving credibility to the right wing anti-immigrant movement.

Is that crazy or what?

At first, German police came out with a public statement that the evening was “uneventful.”

That’s because police authorities were under strict instructions not to disclose the assaults and the ethnic origins of the perpetrators.

Days after the fact, Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger publicly confessed that there were “serious failures” by the police, who were significantly outnumbered but never called for reinforcements. Jaeger further criticized the police for refusing to disclose that the vast majority of the perpetrators were men with migrant backgrounds, blaming this on misguided “political correctness.”

As a result, the chief of police in Cologne was fired (that is, forced into early retirement) in a pathetic effort to restore trust in the police authorities.

To add further insult to the sexual assault injuries committed by those North African and Arab men, the Cologne’s female mayor, Henriette Reker slut-shamed the women for straying too close to these foreigners. She stupidly instructed them to stay at arm’s length from these foreigners in future.

(Perhaps these women should go full niqab so as not to give license to these Arab Muslim men to rape them.)

Fortunately, the mayor was vilified on social media and in the national and international press and was forced to publicly apologize for her ridiculous comments. Her political career is toast.

I predict that Angela Merkel will be following Cologne;s mayor out the political door, with her legacy in tatters.

Since 2015, over a million predominantly Muslim immigrants have entered Germany.

Merkel hoped this charitable act would once and for all cleanse Germany’s tarnished Nazi history.

But as Oscar Wilde wisely and cynically noted, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

Ignoring the legitimate concerns of police, security forces and millions of average working class Germans, Merkel gave a free pass for hundreds of thousands of Mideast and Muslim men to bring their anti-female culture to Germany.

During the New Year’s Eve rape spree, one Syrian male refugee defended his disgusting actions by claiming, “I am Syrian. Merkel has invited us to your country.”

Now Merkel has promised to make it easier for authorities to deport refugees convicted of crimes. But this is way too little and way too late.

Just yesterday, Merkel admitted that Germany has lost control of the refugee crisis.

Yet she still refuses to cap the number of foreign immigrants admitted to Germany.

Popular support for the anti-immigrant right wing parties is surging. Women are leaving the left and Merkel’s Christian Democrat party.

Auf Wiedersehen, Chancellor Merkel. It is time you stayed many arms’ length from the German people you abandoned for political correctness, for political power and for your very wrong-headed personal legacy.

Reviewing Toronto Mayor John Tory’s first flip-flopping year

When the Globe and Mail is scolding a politician for raising taxes, that’s something you notice.

Marcus Gee of The Globe just did that with Toronto Mayor John Tory.

Tory promised throughout the mayoral race that he would keep annual property tax increases at or below the inflation rate.

And sure enough, John Tory is now raising taxes. He shamelessly lied to the Toronto electorate. And he should be exposed as the lying political hack that he is.

But Tory was not finished. He further lied to the Toronto people by trying to spin this tax, not as a tax, but as a “special levy.” What a slimy weasel.

Next, Tory tried to lessen the pain by referring to this annual $13 per household as just the cost of one ticket to the movies. But as Gee notes, that’s not even accurate, either. The $13 amount isn’t just for the first year, but every year. An additional $13 added to the tax bill over five years equals $65, not $13. That is not just one trip the movies, Mr. Tory, you political reprobate.

Recall that Tory promised throughout the campaign that he would be as fiscally prudent as the former mayor Rob Ford, but without the circus. Tory lied about that as well.

Tory has permitted his own mayoral office budget to increase, far in excess of Rob Ford’s own mayoral budget. It’s already approaching David Miller-ian heights of excess and blatant self-aggrandizement.

You recall how sick and tired we were of Miller’s excesses. Well, John Tory is becoming the second coming of David Miller.

And like David Miller before him, John Tory will be ridden out of Toronto on a rail.

Speaking of our transit/rail system, Gee reminds us about Tory’s promise that his so-called “SmartTrack” would not cost the taxpayer one red cent. He said his multi-billion dollar above rail system would be funded, not by the taxpayers, but by the magic of tax increment financing. Or, as we Tory critics called it, “voodoo financing.”

As we predicted, tax increment financing is a sham. So Tory is forced to finally come clean and approach real taxpayers for real taxpayers money to pay for his transit follies.

Let’s look at another broken promise:

During the first mayoral debate against Rob Ford and Olivia Chow, Tory railed against Chow for suggesting that it was more prudent to retain public sector union garbage pickup east of Yonge Street.

Tory argued persuasively that private sector garbage pick up on the west side of the city had produced annual savings of $11 million, for a total savings in four years of $44 million. He vowed that if elected, he would usher in this more efficient and cheaper private sector garbage pick up in east Toronto as well.

Well, a whole year has passed. And as some of us predicted, the spineless Tory has caved to leftist pro-union interests on city council and in the civil service. Toronto’s east end is still stuck with the more costly and less efficient public sector garbage pickup system.

And who can forget Tory’s characteristic political stupidity and tone-deafness this first year?

Both the left and right on city council were staunchly opposed to Toronto wasting millions of dollars in a ridiculous Olympic bid, and most Toronto voters agreed. Yet Tory doggedly came up with a plan, one predominantly funded by the private sector.

And once again, Tory flipped and flopped. Dithered. Procrastinated. Failed to show clear-headed leadership.
Until he was forced to admit defeat, weeks after most citizens had moved on from this ridiculous debate.

Yes, Tory looks good in a Harry Rosen suit. Presumably he can tie his own shoelaces without the help of his myriad of highly paid handlers, consultants, advisers and spin doctors.

Yes, Tory appears to be a decent guy — so decent that other Toronto councilors run roughshod over the spineless mayor.

But John Tory still lacks good political instincts. And a spine. And he’s still is not ready to lead this great city.

For we rebels, we conservatives, it was a great ride while it lasted

I want to personally thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper — he will always be “Prime Minister Harper” — one of the most successful, transformational prime ministers in Canadian history, ranking up there with Sir John A, Laurier and Mackenzie King.

Once a populist, always a populist, Harper truly got his political mojo working in the wild west of Alberta. And through his pure force of will, determination and brilliant political instincts, he helped create the Reform Party and transformed a ragtag bag of right wingers, oil and gas wildcatters, hard-driving entrepreneurs, gun enthusiasts, socially conservative yahoos, free traders, free market libertarians, small “c” conservatives, anti-Eastern urban elitists,  hard-working, self-reliant, suburban new immigrants, and Eastern populists (like me) into a fighting and disciplined political force that won three hard-fought federal elections.

Even in 2015, despite almost 10 years in power, despite the collapse of the NDP, Harper led a party to nearly 32% of the vote and 99 solid seats in the new Parliament.

And clearly going against the national red tide, Harper and the Conservatives increased its Quebec representation. Max Bernier, you rock, mon ami!

As leader (contrary to Liberal and CBC propaganda), Harper did not have a hidden agenda. He stood by his political promises and never reopened the socially divisive issues of abortion and a woman’s freedom of choice. He strongly supported same sex marriage and sexual equality. And the Conservative Party and the country were better for Harper standing up for these principles and values.

Ironically, in this last campaign, it was Harper, not any of the other leaders, who stood up loudly and courageously for our etched-in-stone Canadian values of the equality of men and women, when he publicly proclaimed that a foreign culture (whose values require women to veil themselves so that men will not be motivated to rape them, or whose values are anti-gay) are values that have no place in Canada and should never be encouraged or permitted.

Harper also kept Canada on a firm fiscal path. When the international recession hit in 2009, contrary to orthodox right wing thinking, Harper did the right thing and tacked to the centre and left, stimulating the economy by running several years of consecutive deficits.

Then, when the economy turned around, Harper and his then Finance Minister Flaherty, did the heavy and unpopular lifting of reducing government programs and brought the country back into fiscal balance, while keeping personal and corporate taxes at historic lows.

The easy and politically popular thing to do would have been to borrow billions of dollars, increase debt and deficits and kick the problem down the field for another leader and another generation, like Pierre Trudeau did in the 70s — and David Peterson and Bob Rae did in Ontario in the 90s.

Instead, Harper chose the much more difficult approach of saying no to many free-loading special interest groups, who wanted to line their pockets.

He also said “no” to many provincial premiers and many Canadians, who preferred getting federal government handouts to doing the hard and necessary work of building up their own provincial businesses and revenues and reining in their own programs and reducing their deficits.

Yes, that took discipline, toughness and determination and cold-heartedness. But those were the right things to do.

But in politics, as in life, “no good deed goes unpunished.”

So the Canadian people punished Harper for being a tough, firm, son of bitch, who did not kowtow to biased liberal elites in downtown Toronto or Montreal or their biased elitist media interests.

Some of the Canadian people also punished Harper for not kowtowing to the many anti-Semitic, anti-Israel member countries which form the United Nations.

Some of the Canadian people also punished Harper for not kowtowing to the job-destroying/cap and trade/carbon tax/green environment international movement.

But like Harper, I am a true blue populist. And the people are always right.

Apparently, some of the same people who stuck by and voted for Rob and Doug Ford, this time some of these people also voted for Justin Trudeau.

I stand whole-heartedly by the people’s choice.

I am a populist, unrepentant contrarian, a rebel-rousing, anti-elitist — and as such a very proud Canadian.

Thank you, Prime Minister Harper, for your incredible service to this great land of ours.

We true blue Canadian Conservatives shall never forget you.

Poll: Harper leads, within sight of majority (plus or minus 2.5 martinis)

In a recent poll by Wolfe Analytics (a local polling company created, commissioned and retained exclusively for me personally), the Conservatives are at 38%, the Liberals 33%, the NDP 24%, and the remaining left wing nuts and nation-destroying separatists are split between the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois.

When these numbers are extrapolated over all the seats at play in this election, the Tories should win a decisive majority, the Liberals will form the official opposition, and “Angry and Stoppin Tom” Mulcair will soon be dropped like a hot poutine and hereafter known as “Tom Who?”

This new polling group, Wolfe Analytics, eschewed the more commonplace modern polling methods, i.e.,those annoying interactive robo calls.

Instead, we assembled a highly inebriated polling sample, up close and personal, in two upscale Toronto bars and one downscale pub.

Since intensive and comprehensive one-on-one interviews were de rigueur, the polling sample was admittedly a little thin, but still very representative of the greater Canadian electorate from Victoria to Peggy’s Cove.

Here are some representative results of the polling sample:

One of the first persons interviewed was Andie, a blonde 30-something inner suburban housewife in North Toronto, who will be voting for Harper because of his tough fiscal policies.

Next came a 30-something Asian woman, also married with child, living in downtown Toronto. Surprisingly, she was also voting for Harper because of his strong fiscal policies, thinks Trudeau is an intellectual lightweight, and identified herself as a proud member of “Ford Nation.”

I next interviewed a Latin American-born 50-something mother and her 30-something daughter. Both will be voting for Harper and ignoring the featherweight pugilist Justin.

I then spent a good deal of time at another restaurant/bar, Kasa Moto, where I interviewed a whole range of men and women. Among this group, Harper won the approval of the majority of the men voting, while Trudeau and Mulcair split the “hot chick” vote fairly evenly.

At the Four Seasons d/bar, I interviewed a group of 20-something hip downtown urban dudes and cool young women. Shockingly, the vote split among this group: Harper 2, Trudeau 2 and Mulcair 1.

Clearly, Harper and the Conservatives are resonating mostly with men, both urban, suburban and rural in Ontario, along with those in have-not Atlantic Eastern provinces. He is also popular with men and women alike in Quebec, the prairie provinces and BC.

Trudeau’s numbers reflect a strong urban base, with pockets of strong Liberal support in downtown Toronto, Montreal,  in the Atlantic provinces and in urban BC.

This unscientific and subjective poll may not be bang on mathematically accurate, but it does provide an interesting snapshot of a downtown Toronto urban/suburban group, who, surprisingly, are strongly in the Harper camp.

Mulcair “forgot the first rule of Quebec politics”

At the start of his election, Thomas Mulcair thought he had his Quebec base all sewed up. Buttoned down. Solid.

So what happened to the seemingly indestructible NDP “Orange Crush” in Quebec?

Well, Mulcair, his brain trust and most political pundits took their eyes off the always bouncing Quebec political ball.

In the 2011 election, NDP leader Jack Layton and his Quebec lieutenant Thomas Mulcair supported the controversial policy of Quebeckers being able to separate from Canada as long as a referendum on the issue received 50% + one vote.

This policy, taken from the separatist BQ playbook, catapulted the NDP in Quebec to an extraordinary 59 seats, and about 43% of the popular vote.

So at the outset of the 2015 election, Mulcair assumed that a similar position; his very family friendly federal childcare proposal (based in large part on the Quebec model); his progressive vow to raise the taxes on big corporations; and his pro environment and anti-oil and gas policies, would all further solidify NDP support in Quebec.

But Mulcair forgot the golden rule of Quebec politics.

Quebecers don’t vote with their pocketbook, like those in the rest of Canada. They vote with the heart. And outside of Montreal, Quebec’s Francophones, Anglophones and Allophones alike — all of them oblivious to the downtown NDP intellectual elites — were questioning once again:

Who is a true Quebecker? What are Quebec’s true values?

After decades of turmoil, the consensus among those three above-named groups was that Quebec was first and foremost a French-speaking province.

If any Quebecker wanted to work in or receive public services, that person must deal in French. It is not a matter of personal choice.

That’s a fact, Jacques!

Secondly, after centuries, Quebec, finally liberated itself from the shackles of Catholicism in the 1960s and emerged as a secular state. The Catholic Church — or any church, temple or mosque — was no longer welcome in the legislature, the boardrooms, the factories or the bedrooms of the province.

Thirdly, the provincial Liberal government, headed by Premier Couillard, introduced a bill this summer that stipulated that public employees must “exercise their function with their face uncovered,” and persons receiving those services must do likewise.

This bill has the overwhelmingly support of all the major parties and the electorate.

The niqab and the burqa were effectively banned. Because another value essential to the Quebec identity was the equality of men and women.

Most Quebeckers believe these Muslim garments are not a religious expression or a personal choice, but that they reflect the values of a foreign culture that is contrary to essential Quebec values and to Quebec’s identity.

And in Quebec, it is always about Quebec’s identity.

Ironically, Prime Minister Harper, an Anglophone born in Ontario and educated in Alberta, instinctively understood what the niqab and burqa represent to the Quebec people.

Mulcair and his lefty downtown Montreal elites, however, thought what was good enough for them was good enough for the rest of Quebec.

So when Harper seized the moment, and proposed to enact federal legislation banning the niqab for those working in the federal public service and for those dealing with the public service in person, a surge ofConservative support destroyed vulnerable NDP strongholds in its wake.  

I predict the haughty and arrogant Mulcair and his minions will go down to horrible defeat in Quebec onOctober 19.

Because paradoxically, the Bible said it best in the Book of Proverbs: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

(Not bad for a third generation Anglophone Quebec Jew, eh?)

My dinner with Rob Ford

Last night, at the last minute, I showed up at a Toronto restaurant, and guess who was in attendance? Our former mayor, the incomparable Rob Ford.

He was having a bite to eat with a friend of mine.

I approached Rob’s table and my friend motioned for me to sit down.

Under the circumstances, Rob looked great. He was smiling. He was funny. He was mellow.

He had lost some weight and you could just tell he was getting back into fighting political trim.

Rob recalled that for a certain period during his mayoralty, I had written a series of articles in the Huffington Post explaining the political phenomenon that was, and still is, “Ford Nation.”

I’d explained why Rob Ford was that rare politician and public figure, one who inspired devotion and loyalty from a truly diverse multicultural population.

Ford Nation consists of men and women from their teens to their 90s. Cutting across all races, religions and ethnicities and socio-economic groups. Predominantly, working class and middle income South Asians, Asians, blacks, Filipinos, Persians, Russians, Vietnamese, Italians, Greeks, Muslims and of course, Jewish folks.

(And, yeah, a smattering of angry old white men and women.)

Mostly, from the GTA heartland: Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York and East York, but not exclusively so.

I reminded Rob that then and now, he still had the best political instincts in Toronto, if not in all of Canada.

Rob Ford would have stopped that stupid Olympics gravy train in its tracks. And not dithered back and forth, hemming and hawing, like the current mayor John Tory.

Remember Ford’s familiar rallying cries?

“Subways, subway, subways”

“The war on the car”

“Stop the gravy train”

“Respect the taxpayer”

These are not empty political slogans, but reflect a philosophy that still resonates with a large number of  GTA residents, both in the suburbs and in downtown Toronto.

And still drives the agenda in Toronto City Hall.

Rob Ford and John Tory both campaigned on saving millions of dollars of taxpayer money by privatizing garbage services east of Yonge Street.

By now, Rob Ford, if he was mayor, would have honored that campaign promise to the Toronto people. To date, Mayor Tory, as I predicted, has caved to the self-entitled unions and the highly conflicted Toronto downtown elitist leftist councilors.

Tory has failed to make the tough fiscal choices that Mayor Ford made during the very successful early years of his mayoralty.

Every day, Ford is getting stronger and stronger.

Last night, Rob Ford showed signs that he still has that fire in his belly.

In two more years, the complacent Tory and his downtown elitist supporters, better watch their back.

Because I think Tory is going to have quite a fight on his hands.


Three reasons why Harper will win decisively — maybe even a majority

The overpaid, clueless commentators at the Toronto Star, Globe and even the National Post have once again missed the political boat.

For weeks, all these supposed experts have been predicting the fall of Harper and the Conservatives.

You expect that sort of thing from the Star’s Salutin and Walkom, who have been overdosing on the leftist Kool-Aid for decades.

But even the normally politically astute Chantal Hebert has fallen victim to the Star’s biased, herd-like political reporting and commentary.

The Globe’s Radwanski began breaking “insider” stories about the crumbling Conservative base; voters were gravitating to Mulcair one day, and to Trudeau the next.

Even John Ivison and Andrew Coyne of the National Post have been prematurely sitting shiva for the Tories.

What evidence do these political windbags cite for the Fall of the House of Harper?

According to them, three recent events have allegedly crippled the Harper campaign:

The Duffy trial, the economy and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Let’s look at each supposedly fatal blow to the Conservative campaign.
The Duffy Trial
This tale of a puffed-up pol with his fat nose in the political trough is of no political significance.

We’re talking about a mere $90,000 of taxpayers’ money that may or may not have been illegally reimbursed to Duffy. These funds were repaid by Nigel Wright out of his own pocket, because even the appearance of misuse of Canadian taxpayers’ money was, for the Tories, unethical.

Contrast that with the $40 million that Liberal-connected insiders stole from the public in the famous “sponsorship” scandal. Not a cent was repaid.

Or the billions of dollars the McGuinty/Wynne governments used to stay in power, (the $1.1 billion gas plant scandal being the most obvious.)

The silent majority of Canadians care about the bottom line: How politicians use voters’ hard-earned money.

And for ten years, Harper and his government have respected taxpayers.

Canada’s Recession That Wasn’t
Remember when the Canadian economy slipped into a “technical recession” for about ten minutes?

Journalists all reported with glee that the Canadian economy was in decline, and Harper and Finance Minister Oliver were responsible.

Trudeau immediately announced that if elected Prime Minister, he would plunge Canada into three annual years of $10 billion dollars deficits to stimulate the apparently moribund economy.

The myopic political analysts had conveniently ignored wiser men and women, including Harper, who had argued rationally and persuasively that Canada’s economy was holding its own in all sectors except oil and gas.

Then lo and behold, the Finance Department released figures indicating that the economy was back in growth mode. Exports were finally up, and a surplus had been recorded by fiscal year end.

Once again, these so-called political pundits looked like fools, with huge gobs of congealed eggs dripping down their blank and dumbfounded faces.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis
Over two hundred fifty thousand Syrian innocent civilians had been killed as a result of the horrific Syrian civil war.

Trudeau’s response? Send them touques and Roots jackets.

Mulcair’s response? It’s not Canada’s job to stand shoulder to shoulder with our western allies fighting the murderous ISIS.

But thanks to a photograph of a dead Syrian boy washed up on shore (under suspicious circumstances) Trudeau and Mulcair tried to outdo each other in the fake compassion sweepstakes.

“I’ll see your 25,000 refugees and raise you another 10,000 refugees.”

In contrast, Harper called for calm. International and UN supported procedures had to be followed before any refugees could be admitted.

He added that, in the interests of national security, these refugees had to be properly vetted.

Editorials lambasted Harper for hurting Canada’s international reputation.

Despite the public fulminations of these self-acclaimed political elites, Harper stood firm.

And the silent majority of Canadians supported him.

Then the backlash occurred in Europe as country after country closed their borders to these surging refugees, proving Harper’s measured reaction had been the correct one.

In summary, Harper will triumph once again, because a substantial number of people in Canada agree: Duffy, the non-recession and the Syrian refugees are minor issues. They’re sideshows.

Most voters believe that Harper and his party are the best choice to manage the economy while respecting the hard-earned incomes of Canadian taxpayers. The Conservatives will do that by keeping taxes low, spending when necessary, but also making hard choices when it comes to cutting back government.

Meanwhile, Trudeau wants to tax and spend Canada out of a non-existent recession.

Mulcair talks about balancing the budget, but his “tax the rich” strategy to fund numerous government programs is just voodoo economics.

The not-so-hidden agenda of the NDP base, to destroy the oil and gas industry and with it the Canadian economy, has many Canadians back to the Harper fold.

And another electoral victory.

Folks, you read it here first!

Mistress America: How a film about a ditzy New Yorker will make you appreciate Stephen Harper more

Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig have co-written a brilliantly funny, enjoyable and very smart  New York-based film with Mistress America. Gerwig as Brooke is a thirtysomething, wacky, barely in control, self-described social media maven, self-taught interior style designer, pre-SAT tutor and sometime fitness instructor.

The famous female screwball comediennes of the thirties – Carole Lombard in My Man Godfrey and Katharine Hepburn of Bringing Up Baby – spring to mind. We revel in Brooke’s quirkiness, ditziness and jerkiness, knowing that she is doing a high wire act with her life without a visible net.

Though Brooke is brimming with enormous energy and self-confidence, she has significant flaws, which to the audience make her a very compelling character. And to me, a very appealing character.

With brings to mind our fearless leader, Stephen Harper.

But more about the Harper connection, later in this piece.

In New York, Brooke is thrown together with Tracy, a lonely Barnard College freshman, as their respective parents, Brooke’s dad and Tracy’s mom, are engaged to be married.

Brooke volunteers to be Tracy’s mentor and introduce Tracy to her very exciting New York life.

There are some terrific set pieces which demonstrate Gerwig’s amazing comedic talents: fearlessly running on and dancing onstage with a band at a oh so hip nightclub; climbing up her fire escape to her lofty loft and seducing investors to invest in her flighty family-style restaurant; tripping with her new “sister” Tracy in a car driven by Tracy’s nerdy Jewish ex-boyfriend and his hysterically funny and paranoid girlfriend.

This film is also Baumbach’s funniest, warmest and most open film and his directorial style is bang on brilliant.

Deep down we know that Brooke is all style and sizzle, with little of substance to show for all her crazy/funny schemes. She is terrific company. We would all love to spend a week-end hanging out with her in Times Square and doing Tequila shots with her in some Tribeca dive bar.

But I would not invest my hard-earned money with this very entertaining ditzy blonde, or even entrust her with managing anything of substance or worth. Her restaurant is doomed to ignominious failure and loss as well as all the other investors’ money.

Now do you see where I am going with this?

The ditzy brunette with the great hair, Trudeau, may seem appealing at first. Who wouldn’t want to party with this dude? But entrust him with our hard-earned tax dollars?

A guy who flippantly believes “the deficit will take care of itself” and his plan is to grow the economy “from the heart outward?

Is Trudeau getting financial advice from Celine “My Heart Will Go On” Dion?

Is this the guy you want to entrust your job, your mortgage, your house and the future financial well-being of your children with?

The same questions can equally apply to the scary and duplicitous Tom Mulcair.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly in Alberta and Ontario rely upon our oil and gas industry.

Clearly, Mulcair and his star Toronto candidate Linda McQuaig want to keep our valuable oil in the ground in favor of a disastrous Green Energy alternative.

What is wrong with these crazy ideologically-driven lunatics? How come they have not learned from Ontario Premier Wynne’s disastrous foray into heavily-subsidized and non-economic wind farms and solar energy?

For these myopic Dippers, the private sector and profits are still as dirty as our so-called “dirty oil.”

Who in their right financial minds would entrust their jobs, their incomes and their futures with these crazy people?

In comparison, there is Prime Minister Harper.

Okay, he has some personality flaws.

He is apparently cold, calculating and manipulative. Probably no one’s first choice to hang with while chowing down a bucket of wings and quaffing a pitcher of beer at St. Louis’ Ribs.

He has been vilified for being controlling and running a highly-disciplined and tightly-controlled administration and government.

But with the worldwide drop in oil, the decline in the Canadian dollar and the stock market, these are very serious times in Canada.

I would rather our country be led by a tough no nonsense, coldly logical and brutally pragmatic leader than Captain Kumbaya or Stompin’ Tom Mulcair who deep down, believes the solution is to tax, tax, tax. Borrow, borrow, borrow. And according to Mulcair’s other star – Olivia Chow – throw billions and billions of taxpayer money at every Canadian Native, child, senior and tree-hugging urban cyclist – Greek style. Opa!!!

By comparison, Harper – flaws and all – looks very appealing.