Mulcair “forgot the first rule of Quebec politics”

At the start of his election, Thomas Mulcair thought he had his Quebec base all sewed up. Buttoned down. Solid.

So what happened to the seemingly indestructible NDP “Orange Crush” in Quebec?

Well, Mulcair, his brain trust and most political pundits took their eyes off the always bouncing Quebec political ball.

In the 2011 election, NDP leader Jack Layton and his Quebec lieutenant Thomas Mulcair supported the controversial policy of Quebeckers being able to separate from Canada as long as a referendum on the issue received 50% + one vote.

This policy, taken from the separatist BQ playbook, catapulted the NDP in Quebec to an extraordinary 59 seats, and about 43% of the popular vote.

So at the outset of the 2015 election, Mulcair assumed that a similar position; his very family friendly federal childcare proposal (based in large part on the Quebec model); his progressive vow to raise the taxes on big corporations; and his pro environment and anti-oil and gas policies, would all further solidify NDP support in Quebec.

But Mulcair forgot the golden rule of Quebec politics.

Quebecers don’t vote with their pocketbook, like those in the rest of Canada. They vote with the heart. And outside of Montreal, Quebec’s Francophones, Anglophones and Allophones alike — all of them oblivious to the downtown NDP intellectual elites — were questioning once again:

Who is a true Quebecker? What are Quebec’s true values?

After decades of turmoil, the consensus among those three above-named groups was that Quebec was first and foremost a French-speaking province.

If any Quebecker wanted to work in or receive public services, that person must deal in French. It is not a matter of personal choice.

That’s a fact, Jacques!

Secondly, after centuries, Quebec, finally liberated itself from the shackles of Catholicism in the 1960s and emerged as a secular state. The Catholic Church — or any church, temple or mosque — was no longer welcome in the legislature, the boardrooms, the factories or the bedrooms of the province.

Thirdly, the provincial Liberal government, headed by Premier Couillard, introduced a bill this summer that stipulated that public employees must “exercise their function with their face uncovered,” and persons receiving those services must do likewise.

This bill has the overwhelmingly support of all the major parties and the electorate.

The niqab and the burqa were effectively banned. Because another value essential to the Quebec identity was the equality of men and women.

Most Quebeckers believe these Muslim garments are not a religious expression or a personal choice, but that they reflect the values of a foreign culture that is contrary to essential Quebec values and to Quebec’s identity.

And in Quebec, it is always about Quebec’s identity.

Ironically, Prime Minister Harper, an Anglophone born in Ontario and educated in Alberta, instinctively understood what the niqab and burqa represent to the Quebec people.

Mulcair and his lefty downtown Montreal elites, however, thought what was good enough for them was good enough for the rest of Quebec.

So when Harper seized the moment, and proposed to enact federal legislation banning the niqab for those working in the federal public service and for those dealing with the public service in person, a surge ofConservative support destroyed vulnerable NDP strongholds in its wake.  

I predict the haughty and arrogant Mulcair and his minions will go down to horrible defeat in Quebec onOctober 19.

Because paradoxically, the Bible said it best in the Book of Proverbs: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

(Not bad for a third generation Anglophone Quebec Jew, eh?)

Crony socialism at work: Mulcair’s national childcare scheme and Olivia Chow’s dirty little secret

The politically undead zombie Olivia Chow is back.

Lock your doors, hide your children!

And above all, hold onto your hard-earned tax dollars because zombie Chow and her fellow federal NDP monsters smell your money, hunger for your tax dollars and are inexorably slouching to your doors to suck all your cash dry.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Olivia Chow, who for over 3 decades, has never had a real job in the private sector.

Who has never owned a small business or had to meet payroll.

Or has never had to pay business taxes, pay outrageous utility costs or deal with government red tape.

Chow, who has only known about sticking her snout in the public trough.

For thirty years the majority of Chow’s employment expenses and personal expenses have been paid by Canadian taxpayers.

Also Chow, unlike the majority of Canadians, enjoys a very generous City of Toronto pension and an over the top generous federal MP pension.

But for the power-hungry Chow, that is clearly not enough.

Chow is back running for the federal NDP in the new Toronto riding of Spadina-Fork York.

Recall that Chow, a career politician without equal, is a former Metro Toronto councilor, former  City Toronto councilor, a former NDP MP, a former failed candidate for  Toronto mayor,  and now former almost instructor at Ryerson University.

Chow is running on one of Mulcair’s major planks, a national child care program which within four years the NDP claim will create about 370,000 affordable daycare spaces at an annual federal cost of about $2 billion.

Ultimately ramping up to $5 billion per year. More realistically, best case scenario is that 50% of the spaces will be created at more than twice the cost.

In Ontario, there are tons of problems with this financially and fiscally irresponsible scheme.

Which cannot be dismissed by Chow’s simplistic and silly sloganeering of “but, it’s for the children.”

The NDP federal scheme requires that debt and deficit-ridden Ontario kick in 40% of the costs, funds the Ontario government does not have. Recall that Ontario is already throwing billions of dollars of borrowed money per year funding full-day kindergarten.

The current full day kindergarten system is not sustainable, let alone a whole new NDP childcare program.

More importantly, Chow neglects to state that in order to fund the NDP portion, the NDP will levy higher taxes on corporations (leading to potential job losses or additional costs for consumers as corporations pass the increased costs onto consumers.)

Also Mulcair promises to eliminate Harper’s income splitting program, which will increases taxes and costs on many middle class families as well.

But even more importantly, this national affordable daycare program will fail, as did the Liberal national housing program of the ‘80s, because this program will create a huge federal bureaucracy, cost double and triple its estimated costs and will fail to deliver sufficient affordable daycare spaces.

It also follows that limited affordable daycare space will inevitably go those most politically-connected, i.e. NDP-connected families.

One of the key reasons the failed Liberal national affordable housing scheme of the 80s was terminated was that a large number of affordable co-op housing was enjoyed by City of Toronto politically-connected NDP types, not the hard-working Toronto families who really were desperate for such low cost housing.

Similarly, the majority of the NDP’s affordable daycare spaces will be enjoyed by politically connected NDP families, not necessarily the most deserving Toronto families.

Talk about crony socialism.

And with that my friends, by way of a long-winded discussion, I come back to Olivia Chow, who in the ‘80s, with her husband, Jack Layton, together earning $120,000, jumped the queue ahead of thousands of more deserving Toronto families (who had been waitlisted for years) and scored a below market three-bedroom publicly-subsidized co-op apartment in the infamous Hazelburn Co-op, here in sunny downtown Toronto.

Chow has never apologized and never repented.

And she is back to take your money again to help out NDP-connected families at your expense.

(Photo: Tania Liu, Creative Commons licence)

Harper and Mulcair reach out to the adulterer vote

(CONTENT WARNING: Mature language and satire) In a brilliant media coup, a newly formed consortium of Netflix, Cineplex and Ashley Madison, the notorious dating website for cheating spouses, has secured the exclusive rights to host and broadcast the fifth, last and probably most important federal election debate between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair.

Noel Biderman, the King of Infidelity and the driving force behind this counter-cultural consortium, affectionately dubbed “Woodstock”, held a news conference today at the Toronto Four Seasons, the site of the final and probably epic Harper/Mulcair debate.

Biderman was flanked by his partners Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings and Ellis Jacob, CEO of Cineplex.

Biderman proclaimed, “The old, fat consortium of CBC, Global, CTV and Radio-Canada is so 1999. Especially, the CBC. It is done. Finito. It is time to stick a fork in it.

“Welcome to the future, bitches.”

Biderman continued, “Millions of Canadians are voting with their feet, cutting their tv cables and joining Netflix. Millions of Canadians every day  are experiencing the thrills of Cineplex films, in state of the art Cineplex theatres throughout Canada. And of course, millions of Canadians are having extra-marital flings or fantasizing about having such sexy hook-ups. And Ashley Madison has been there to help fulfill these dreams.

“The actual debate will take place here at the Four Seasons’ d/bar, the home and inspiration for countless trysts, casual encounters and nascent affairs. I will host the one-on-one, no holds barred debate between Prime Minister Harper and NDP leader Mulcair.

“This debate will be broadcast free of charge online through Netflix, in both official languages and in many other unofficial languages. And in all Cineplex theatres throughout the country, for those who do not have access to the internet.

“The consortium will also be working with such popular sites and apps as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tinder, Tumblr, Grindr, Vine, Vice, Uber, Spotify, many of which sound really cool, but I don’t know what the f**k they actually do.”

“We are confident that our consortium will broadcast to over 15 million potential Canadian voters!”

Kory Teneycke, spokesman for the federal Conservatives, stated, “When Noel first approached us, we were a little skeptical.  But when he showed us the hard numbers of how many millions of male and female Canadians cheat on their spouses, same sex partners, common law spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends,  even their casual ‘friends with benefits,’ we were frankly blown away.

Apparently “stepping out on your man or woman” cuts across all income, racial, ethnic, religious, geographic and political lines, from Victoria, BC to Come by Chance, Newfoundland.  (Pun intended)

It appears that adultery is as Canadian as hockey or a Tim Hortons “double double”.

Teneycke also added, “As you know, our official position is that times have changed, and all political parties must change with the times. And we did not believe that the traditional debate format proposed by the CBC-led consortium properly addressed the pressing issues affecting current hard working Canadians.”

“Our unofficial position, off the record, is that we believe that CBC (and to a lesser extent CTV, Global and Radio-Canada) is filled with left-leaning, anti-Harper, anti-Conservative,  a-holes who willingly engage in self-flagellation at the mere mention of  the Second Coming of Trudeau Jr.. So any time we can stick it to those Omar Khadr-loving lefties, is a bonus for us.”

NDP leader Tom Mulcair echoed these very same sentiments, when he stated, “We welcome the involvement and sponsorship of the fifth debate by the team of Netflix, Cineplex and of course, Ashley Madison.”

“I understand many NDP members are frequent and regular visitors to the Ashley Madison site, especially our Quebec wing. Consisting of former BQ members, whose loyalties, how do you say in English, are always fluid and suspect.”

“As you also know, the NDP party prides itself on being a ‘Big Tent.’ On being inclusive and expansive.

And attracting all kinds of rogues, reprobates and scum-sucking bottom feeders.”