For we rebels, we conservatives, it was a great ride while it lasted

I want to personally thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper — he will always be “Prime Minister Harper” — one of the most successful, transformational prime ministers in Canadian history, ranking up there with Sir John A, Laurier and Mackenzie King.

Once a populist, always a populist, Harper truly got his political mojo working in the wild west of Alberta. And through his pure force of will, determination and brilliant political instincts, he helped create the Reform Party and transformed a ragtag bag of right wingers, oil and gas wildcatters, hard-driving entrepreneurs, gun enthusiasts, socially conservative yahoos, free traders, free market libertarians, small “c” conservatives, anti-Eastern urban elitists,  hard-working, self-reliant, suburban new immigrants, and Eastern populists (like me) into a fighting and disciplined political force that won three hard-fought federal elections.

Even in 2015, despite almost 10 years in power, despite the collapse of the NDP, Harper led a party to nearly 32% of the vote and 99 solid seats in the new Parliament.

And clearly going against the national red tide, Harper and the Conservatives increased its Quebec representation. Max Bernier, you rock, mon ami!

As leader (contrary to Liberal and CBC propaganda), Harper did not have a hidden agenda. He stood by his political promises and never reopened the socially divisive issues of abortion and a woman’s freedom of choice. He strongly supported same sex marriage and sexual equality. And the Conservative Party and the country were better for Harper standing up for these principles and values.

Ironically, in this last campaign, it was Harper, not any of the other leaders, who stood up loudly and courageously for our etched-in-stone Canadian values of the equality of men and women, when he publicly proclaimed that a foreign culture (whose values require women to veil themselves so that men will not be motivated to rape them, or whose values are anti-gay) are values that have no place in Canada and should never be encouraged or permitted.

Harper also kept Canada on a firm fiscal path. When the international recession hit in 2009, contrary to orthodox right wing thinking, Harper did the right thing and tacked to the centre and left, stimulating the economy by running several years of consecutive deficits.

Then, when the economy turned around, Harper and his then Finance Minister Flaherty, did the heavy and unpopular lifting of reducing government programs and brought the country back into fiscal balance, while keeping personal and corporate taxes at historic lows.

The easy and politically popular thing to do would have been to borrow billions of dollars, increase debt and deficits and kick the problem down the field for another leader and another generation, like Pierre Trudeau did in the 70s — and David Peterson and Bob Rae did in Ontario in the 90s.

Instead, Harper chose the much more difficult approach of saying no to many free-loading special interest groups, who wanted to line their pockets.

He also said “no” to many provincial premiers and many Canadians, who preferred getting federal government handouts to doing the hard and necessary work of building up their own provincial businesses and revenues and reining in their own programs and reducing their deficits.

Yes, that took discipline, toughness and determination and cold-heartedness. But those were the right things to do.

But in politics, as in life, “no good deed goes unpunished.”

So the Canadian people punished Harper for being a tough, firm, son of bitch, who did not kowtow to biased liberal elites in downtown Toronto or Montreal or their biased elitist media interests.

Some of the Canadian people also punished Harper for not kowtowing to the many anti-Semitic, anti-Israel member countries which form the United Nations.

Some of the Canadian people also punished Harper for not kowtowing to the job-destroying/cap and trade/carbon tax/green environment international movement.

But like Harper, I am a true blue populist. And the people are always right.

Apparently, some of the same people who stuck by and voted for Rob and Doug Ford, this time some of these people also voted for Justin Trudeau.

I stand whole-heartedly by the people’s choice.

I am a populist, unrepentant contrarian, a rebel-rousing, anti-elitist — and as such a very proud Canadian.

Thank you, Prime Minister Harper, for your incredible service to this great land of ours.

We true blue Canadian Conservatives shall never forget you.

Poll: Harper leads, within sight of majority (plus or minus 2.5 martinis)

In a recent poll by Wolfe Analytics (a local polling company created, commissioned and retained exclusively for me personally), the Conservatives are at 38%, the Liberals 33%, the NDP 24%, and the remaining left wing nuts and nation-destroying separatists are split between the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois.

When these numbers are extrapolated over all the seats at play in this election, the Tories should win a decisive majority, the Liberals will form the official opposition, and “Angry and Stoppin Tom” Mulcair will soon be dropped like a hot poutine and hereafter known as “Tom Who?”

This new polling group, Wolfe Analytics, eschewed the more commonplace modern polling methods, i.e.,those annoying interactive robo calls.

Instead, we assembled a highly inebriated polling sample, up close and personal, in two upscale Toronto bars and one downscale pub.

Since intensive and comprehensive one-on-one interviews were de rigueur, the polling sample was admittedly a little thin, but still very representative of the greater Canadian electorate from Victoria to Peggy’s Cove.

Here are some representative results of the polling sample:

One of the first persons interviewed was Andie, a blonde 30-something inner suburban housewife in North Toronto, who will be voting for Harper because of his tough fiscal policies.

Next came a 30-something Asian woman, also married with child, living in downtown Toronto. Surprisingly, she was also voting for Harper because of his strong fiscal policies, thinks Trudeau is an intellectual lightweight, and identified herself as a proud member of “Ford Nation.”

I next interviewed a Latin American-born 50-something mother and her 30-something daughter. Both will be voting for Harper and ignoring the featherweight pugilist Justin.

I then spent a good deal of time at another restaurant/bar, Kasa Moto, where I interviewed a whole range of men and women. Among this group, Harper won the approval of the majority of the men voting, while Trudeau and Mulcair split the “hot chick” vote fairly evenly.

At the Four Seasons d/bar, I interviewed a group of 20-something hip downtown urban dudes and cool young women. Shockingly, the vote split among this group: Harper 2, Trudeau 2 and Mulcair 1.

Clearly, Harper and the Conservatives are resonating mostly with men, both urban, suburban and rural in Ontario, along with those in have-not Atlantic Eastern provinces. He is also popular with men and women alike in Quebec, the prairie provinces and BC.

Trudeau’s numbers reflect a strong urban base, with pockets of strong Liberal support in downtown Toronto, Montreal,  in the Atlantic provinces and in urban BC.

This unscientific and subjective poll may not be bang on mathematically accurate, but it does provide an interesting snapshot of a downtown Toronto urban/suburban group, who, surprisingly, are strongly in the Harper camp.

Three reasons why Harper will win decisively — maybe even a majority

The overpaid, clueless commentators at the Toronto Star, Globe and even the National Post have once again missed the political boat.

For weeks, all these supposed experts have been predicting the fall of Harper and the Conservatives.

You expect that sort of thing from the Star’s Salutin and Walkom, who have been overdosing on the leftist Kool-Aid for decades.

But even the normally politically astute Chantal Hebert has fallen victim to the Star’s biased, herd-like political reporting and commentary.

The Globe’s Radwanski began breaking “insider” stories about the crumbling Conservative base; voters were gravitating to Mulcair one day, and to Trudeau the next.

Even John Ivison and Andrew Coyne of the National Post have been prematurely sitting shiva for the Tories.

What evidence do these political windbags cite for the Fall of the House of Harper?

According to them, three recent events have allegedly crippled the Harper campaign:

The Duffy trial, the economy and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Let’s look at each supposedly fatal blow to the Conservative campaign.
The Duffy Trial
This tale of a puffed-up pol with his fat nose in the political trough is of no political significance.

We’re talking about a mere $90,000 of taxpayers’ money that may or may not have been illegally reimbursed to Duffy. These funds were repaid by Nigel Wright out of his own pocket, because even the appearance of misuse of Canadian taxpayers’ money was, for the Tories, unethical.

Contrast that with the $40 million that Liberal-connected insiders stole from the public in the famous “sponsorship” scandal. Not a cent was repaid.

Or the billions of dollars the McGuinty/Wynne governments used to stay in power, (the $1.1 billion gas plant scandal being the most obvious.)

The silent majority of Canadians care about the bottom line: How politicians use voters’ hard-earned money.

And for ten years, Harper and his government have respected taxpayers.

Canada’s Recession That Wasn’t
Remember when the Canadian economy slipped into a “technical recession” for about ten minutes?

Journalists all reported with glee that the Canadian economy was in decline, and Harper and Finance Minister Oliver were responsible.

Trudeau immediately announced that if elected Prime Minister, he would plunge Canada into three annual years of $10 billion dollars deficits to stimulate the apparently moribund economy.

The myopic political analysts had conveniently ignored wiser men and women, including Harper, who had argued rationally and persuasively that Canada’s economy was holding its own in all sectors except oil and gas.

Then lo and behold, the Finance Department released figures indicating that the economy was back in growth mode. Exports were finally up, and a surplus had been recorded by fiscal year end.

Once again, these so-called political pundits looked like fools, with huge gobs of congealed eggs dripping down their blank and dumbfounded faces.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis
Over two hundred fifty thousand Syrian innocent civilians had been killed as a result of the horrific Syrian civil war.

Trudeau’s response? Send them touques and Roots jackets.

Mulcair’s response? It’s not Canada’s job to stand shoulder to shoulder with our western allies fighting the murderous ISIS.

But thanks to a photograph of a dead Syrian boy washed up on shore (under suspicious circumstances) Trudeau and Mulcair tried to outdo each other in the fake compassion sweepstakes.

“I’ll see your 25,000 refugees and raise you another 10,000 refugees.”

In contrast, Harper called for calm. International and UN supported procedures had to be followed before any refugees could be admitted.

He added that, in the interests of national security, these refugees had to be properly vetted.

Editorials lambasted Harper for hurting Canada’s international reputation.

Despite the public fulminations of these self-acclaimed political elites, Harper stood firm.

And the silent majority of Canadians supported him.

Then the backlash occurred in Europe as country after country closed their borders to these surging refugees, proving Harper’s measured reaction had been the correct one.

In summary, Harper will triumph once again, because a substantial number of people in Canada agree: Duffy, the non-recession and the Syrian refugees are minor issues. They’re sideshows.

Most voters believe that Harper and his party are the best choice to manage the economy while respecting the hard-earned incomes of Canadian taxpayers. The Conservatives will do that by keeping taxes low, spending when necessary, but also making hard choices when it comes to cutting back government.

Meanwhile, Trudeau wants to tax and spend Canada out of a non-existent recession.

Mulcair talks about balancing the budget, but his “tax the rich” strategy to fund numerous government programs is just voodoo economics.

The not-so-hidden agenda of the NDP base, to destroy the oil and gas industry and with it the Canadian economy, has many Canadians back to the Harper fold.

And another electoral victory.

Folks, you read it here first!

Harper and Mulcair reach out to the adulterer vote

(CONTENT WARNING: Mature language and satire) In a brilliant media coup, a newly formed consortium of Netflix, Cineplex and Ashley Madison, the notorious dating website for cheating spouses, has secured the exclusive rights to host and broadcast the fifth, last and probably most important federal election debate between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair.

Noel Biderman, the King of Infidelity and the driving force behind this counter-cultural consortium, affectionately dubbed “Woodstock”, held a news conference today at the Toronto Four Seasons, the site of the final and probably epic Harper/Mulcair debate.

Biderman was flanked by his partners Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings and Ellis Jacob, CEO of Cineplex.

Biderman proclaimed, “The old, fat consortium of CBC, Global, CTV and Radio-Canada is so 1999. Especially, the CBC. It is done. Finito. It is time to stick a fork in it.

“Welcome to the future, bitches.”

Biderman continued, “Millions of Canadians are voting with their feet, cutting their tv cables and joining Netflix. Millions of Canadians every day  are experiencing the thrills of Cineplex films, in state of the art Cineplex theatres throughout Canada. And of course, millions of Canadians are having extra-marital flings or fantasizing about having such sexy hook-ups. And Ashley Madison has been there to help fulfill these dreams.

“The actual debate will take place here at the Four Seasons’ d/bar, the home and inspiration for countless trysts, casual encounters and nascent affairs. I will host the one-on-one, no holds barred debate between Prime Minister Harper and NDP leader Mulcair.

“This debate will be broadcast free of charge online through Netflix, in both official languages and in many other unofficial languages. And in all Cineplex theatres throughout the country, for those who do not have access to the internet.

“The consortium will also be working with such popular sites and apps as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tinder, Tumblr, Grindr, Vine, Vice, Uber, Spotify, many of which sound really cool, but I don’t know what the f**k they actually do.”

“We are confident that our consortium will broadcast to over 15 million potential Canadian voters!”

Kory Teneycke, spokesman for the federal Conservatives, stated, “When Noel first approached us, we were a little skeptical.  But when he showed us the hard numbers of how many millions of male and female Canadians cheat on their spouses, same sex partners, common law spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends,  even their casual ‘friends with benefits,’ we were frankly blown away.

Apparently “stepping out on your man or woman” cuts across all income, racial, ethnic, religious, geographic and political lines, from Victoria, BC to Come by Chance, Newfoundland.  (Pun intended)

It appears that adultery is as Canadian as hockey or a Tim Hortons “double double”.

Teneycke also added, “As you know, our official position is that times have changed, and all political parties must change with the times. And we did not believe that the traditional debate format proposed by the CBC-led consortium properly addressed the pressing issues affecting current hard working Canadians.”

“Our unofficial position, off the record, is that we believe that CBC (and to a lesser extent CTV, Global and Radio-Canada) is filled with left-leaning, anti-Harper, anti-Conservative,  a-holes who willingly engage in self-flagellation at the mere mention of  the Second Coming of Trudeau Jr.. So any time we can stick it to those Omar Khadr-loving lefties, is a bonus for us.”

NDP leader Tom Mulcair echoed these very same sentiments, when he stated, “We welcome the involvement and sponsorship of the fifth debate by the team of Netflix, Cineplex and of course, Ashley Madison.”

“I understand many NDP members are frequent and regular visitors to the Ashley Madison site, especially our Quebec wing. Consisting of former BQ members, whose loyalties, how do you say in English, are always fluid and suspect.”

“As you also know, the NDP party prides itself on being a ‘Big Tent.’ On being inclusive and expansive.

And attracting all kinds of rogues, reprobates and scum-sucking bottom feeders.”

Canadian PM Stephen Harper Courageously Slams Hamas’ Terrorism

Canadian Prime Minister Harper dominates all western political leaders, in terms of his courageous advocacy of Israel’s right to defend itself with all necessary and justifiable force.

In this area, no western leader can match Harper’s eloquence, tough-mindedness and principled and articulate vocal opposition to Hamas’ terrorism.
And that unfortunately includes the hapless and sadly” missing in action” US President Obama.In the wake of Israel’s bombing of Gazan missile installations, in reaction to hundreds of missiles being launched by Hamas at Israeli citizens, Harper recently publicly remarked that “self defense is not merely an Israeli right to be exercised in the abstract, but an Israeli obligation that must be defended by all Western nations.”

Harper further stated that “failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible actions will encourage these terrorists to continue their appalling actions.’’

Harper, on behalf of Canada, called on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts [by Hamas] were unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel was the best way of stopping the conflict.

Contrast Harper’s full-throated support for Israel’s right to defend itself by attacking Hamas’ missile sites and Hamas’ military leaders, with Obama’s embarrassingly weak response.Obama paid mere lip service to Israel’s right to defend itself,  when he stated that, “Israel has a right to defend itself from rocket attacks that terrorize the Israeli people.

But then Obama called upon Prime Minister Netanyahu and demanded that Israel show restraint and press for a truce.

To which Harper called out the weak-kneed Obama and publicly rebuked him when Harper stated to the effect that ending the war does not require Israeli “restraint”.

Harper publicly scolded the feckless Obama, the UN and the “international community” for calling for Israeli restraint in the face of escalating rocket fire aimed at murdering and maiming Israeli civilians.

Harper called a spade and spade. He demanded that the world declare the sole responsibility for the violence belonged to the Hamas terrorists.

Harper argued that Hamas and Hamas alone was fully responsible for the current Israel-Hamas war.

Harper further asserted, “that Hamas was deliberately using human shields to further terror in the region.’’

Harper rejected outright calls coming from both the White House and the UN that Israel agree to a negotiated ceasefire with Hamas.

Harper insisted that not only should Israel not agree to a ceasefire, but Harper, said Israel should continue her offensive until the Iranian-backed terror group was “massively degraded,” if not eliminated entirely—once again arguing that “indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification.”

Contrast those clear eyed and strong comments with the Obama Administration’s pathetic plea that both parties (Israel and Hamas) do all they can to protect civilians and mealy-mouthed observation that the US was heartbroken by the civilian death toll in Gaza.

In effect treating the Hamas action and Israel’s defensive military counter action as morally equivalent.

How disgraceful and shameful!

With Obama and the international community in mind, Canadian Foreign Minister Baird drove home the point and said what Obama should have said.

“There is no moral equivalency between a democratic state and a terrorist organization” and  that “Hamas militants hiding within its civilian population is abominable.”

How the mighty have fallen. The United States used to be front and centre in the Middle East—leading from the front.

Harper’s principled and courageous defense of Israel, in contrast to Obama’s characteristically disengaged feeble approach, has demonstrated that the US under Obama is no longer even leading from behind (which logically makes no sense). But is pathetically cowering in the corner, hoping all the troubles in the Mideast will magically blow over all by themselves.

Toronto’s New Hot Power Couple: Steve and Rob

I have not seen the leftist/liberal Toronto press in such a tizzy since the Biebs was caught on Yorkville smooching with his main squeeze, Selena Gomez.

Or when Brad and Angelina graced the red carpet at TIFF.

Because folks, we have a new hot couple in town.

Move over Brangelina!

Say hello to our latest power couple, Steve Harper and Rob Ford. Or “Reeve”. That has a nice political ring to it.

(Note, the Hollywood and Toronto press like to brand starlet combos by mashing together their first names. We all remember the ill-fated “Bennnifer”- Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Actually, my two favorite TV couplings were Gossip Girl’s “Dair”, Dan and Blair and “Chair”, Chuck and Blair. But I digress.)

In a recent Toronto Star column, the normally staid columnist Tim Harper, was squealing like a starry-eyed political groupie. He breathlessly reported that Prime Minister Harper and Toronto Mayor Ford were spotted in Toronto. Together in public, embracing, for the first time, in a long time. OMG!

Apparently, this past weekend Prime Minister Harper was in Toronto.
And Harper threw political caution to the winds, by appearing in a photo shoot with the roguish Mayor Ford to announce that he will be kicking in $660 million to help fund Ford’s new Scarborough Subway.

In the past, Ford, due to the alleged “crack video”, was considered “persona not grata” by both federal and provincial Conservatives.

But apparently no longer.

The political bromance between Steve and Rob has gone public.

The Star’s Tim Harper obviously, auditioning for a gig at “People” or “US” magazines, accurately described the physical and stylistic differences of this odd couple.

“There’s our buttoned-down prime minister, the risk averse, purveyor of the bland, Stephen Harper. And there’s Toronto’s dishevelled, risk-happy, erratic mayor, Rob Ford. Stylistically, they are polar opposites.

Harper would treat a meeting with a voter in an unscripted moment as a crisis. Ford ditches his aides and wanders into crowds at a Saturday night street festival on the Danforth.

Harper works hard to avoid over exposure. Ford has his own open line show.

The prime minister seeks political advantage in a squeaky clean image, proudly denying marijuana use in his younger years while Ford laughs, and, without missing a beat, agrees he smoked “a lot.”

But underneath these superficial differences, these two amigos, share a lot more than a mutual love of bass fishing.

Since Ottawa and Toronto political life, is like high school, except with money and bigger stakes, let me explain the mutual attraction of these two political bedfellows.

Stephen Harper is your typical very brainy, intense, serious, straight “A” High School Student Council President. He is not very well-liked personally. But the students respect him and they believe he can get stuff done.

Rob Ford, on the other hand, is your beer-drinking, pot smoking, happy go lucky “C” student who is Captain of the Varsity Football team. Rob throws the best parties at the school. He is literally and figuratively a “big man on campus.” Most everybody loves Rob. Rob has a big heart. He has his own unique type of charisma and an intense following of friends and supporters who will stick by Rob, no matter how many times he screws up.

Stephen is a cold calculating political strategist. By his own admission, he is not very strong in the charisma department. In his next re-election campaign, he will be facing his most formidable opponent.

The best-looking and, hottest guy at the school. And the most popular student, at least with the female students and the elite, intellectual “in” crowd. We are referring of course, to the hip, pot-toking Justin, with the great wavy hair and tight jeans. The problem with Justin, is that though he is great-looking, he is a bit of an airhead.

Stephen needs Rob and his own band of friends and supporters. Stephen also hopes that some of Rob’s natural charisma and personal popularity may rub off on Stephen, making him looser, more interesting, and more approachable. Steve is hoping Rob will complete him.

On the other hand, Stephen’s friendship and support, brings Rob a lot of credibility and respect, and significant financial and organizational resources, that Rob will need when he runs for elected office himself.

Stephen also believes that with Rob, the two of them can go after the vast silent majority of the students, (the geeks, the freaks, the studious new immigrant students, the ESL types and the Goths).

Who are neither the establishment, the intellectual elite or the jocks and their girlfriends. But who will determine the difference between winning and losing, on election day.

The Steve and Rob Bromance. It looks like a match made in political heaven.