Hillary is Toast- Trump is Going All the Way

Last night Trump won overwhelmingly in the GOP Nevada caucuses. Trump-45.9/5% to Rubio- 23.9% and Cruz-21.4%.

To date Trump has won in northeast New Hampshire, South Carolina and the wild west of Nevada. His support is clearly national, broad-based and he is attracting all segments of society- not just angry old men and women.

He has captured New Hampshire independents, South Carolina evangelicals and Nevada Mormons and rural activists. Trump even captured 45% of Hispanic vote in the Nevada caucus, notwithstanding his strong anti-immigrant position.Trump also did very well in Midwest Iowa, coming a strong second to Cruz.

In his victory speech last night, The Donald confirmed what I have been stating for weeks. Trump is winning the old, the young, the highly educated and as Trump so characteristically called, “ the poorly educated.” To which he ad-libbed, “I love the poorly educated. They are the smartest and the most loyal.” That is pure Trumpism. Brilliant. Honest. And that is why Trump is winning. He is connecting with people, like no one else in the Republican or Democratic races. Because Trump is being Trump; profane, crude, blunt, brash, controversial. Anti-establishment. And the American people love him.

Sixty per cent of people polled in Nevada support a candidate who is not part of the political establishment.
I suspect that is true of Democrats and independents as well in America.

American people are sick and tired of both the Democratic and Republican establishments.

They are equally sick and tired of the very tired and disappointing Obama Presidency. A president who is now being mocked and ridiculed in Europe, Asia, the Mideast and around the world for being a spineless wimp. For “leading from behind”.  For failing to step up when Syria’s Assad crossed Obama’s “red line”, and for cutting and running in Benghazi and leaving Americans to be tortured and slaughtered. And for alienating America’s traditional allies.

Obama has also diminished America and Americans in the eyes of its enemies; through his inactivity, his indifference, and his overall weakness and spinelessness.

And who has the politically tone-deaf Hillary Clinton aligned herself with, but the failed and failing Obama presidency.

Hillary Clinton epitomizes the American political establishment.  The tired, decaying and dying sclerotic status quo.

There is a revolution stirring in American politics. The angry American people are mad as hell and they are not taking it any more. And by electing Trump president, they want to send a message to Hillary heard around the world.

Get the frack out of Washington and politics, you tired, lying, corrupt, political hack!