Violent Leftist Agitators Prevent Trump from Speaking in Chicago

How are violent agitators bent on preventing Donald Trump from speaking at a peaceful rally in Chicago, Trump’s fault?

Simple answer, this is not Trump’s fault.

Let’s cut to the chase.

The fault lies with those violent agitators who publicly stated that they wanted to shut the Trump speech and rally down. These violent persons, and I would not even honor them by calling them protesters, clearly identified themselves as Bernie Sanders’ supporters and Clinton supporters. In other words, they are leftists and Democratic supporters.

But of course, the liberal media and Trump haters will blame Trump for the actions of these people, who believe that they and they alone, have the democratic and constitutional right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. But any person or group, who does not share their views or espouse views that they oppose, these agitators believe that “those others” do not possess and deserve similar democratic and constitutional rights.

Interestingly,  this violent shut down of a peaceful Trump rally played out in Chicago. And it is not a stretch to suggest that the perpetrators of these violent, undemocratic actions were also staunch supporters of President Obama.

Accordingly, they are the face of the Age of Obama, which fortunately is coming to a close.

This is a President who campaigned on bringing the various groups of American society together.

But, Obama, during his two terms, subtly stoked the flames of division in American society.

During his two terms, it became commonplace and acceptable for left-oriented student groups to violently shut down peaceful public talks by political leaders or public commentators on American college campuses, who did not share the agitators’ beliefs.

Obama, the so-called great leader and great orator stood by silently when the rights of American students were trampled by these violent perps.

The responsibility for shutting down Trump’s talk at the University of Illinois is clearly the fault and responsibility of the perpetrators. And Obama, for his negligence throughout his two terms, should also bear responsibility, because these people who prefer violence to dialogue are his supporters—and his people.

Shame on Obama. Shame on these people. By their actions, they are trampling on the American Constitution.

Lastly, to his credit, Trump, when faced with a very difficult situation not of his doing, acted calmly and responsibly under pressure and made the right decision in cancelling his talk. Trump showed great grace under pressure.

And he came across as very cool, calm, contemplative, decisive and above all, presidential.

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