Aloha, Cruz and Rubio: Trump kills in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii primaries

Notwithstanding a full week of attacks from his rivals, and notwithstanding over $38 million worth of attack ads leveled against him, The Donald scored a huge win in Mississippi.

He also crushed Kasich, Cruz and Rubio in Michigan, America’s blue collar heartland. Then in the early morning, he also won in Obama’s supposed American birthplace, Hawaii. “Book em, Donald!”

In Mississippi, Trump beat Cruz among evangelicals (that’s Cruz’s firewall) and among those GOP voters who are anti-government, the latter by a two-to-one margin. In Michigan, Trump destroyed Kasich, his nearest opponent, and won the vast support of both men and women, GOP and Democrats, who have lost their jobs due to globalization and international trade deals.

In other words, the Reagan Democrats — those Democrats who crossed party lines to vote in Republican Ronald Reagan — are coming back to the GOP fold for the first time in decades, due to Donald Trump railing against free trade deals.

And folks, this is one of the major reasons for Trump’s unbelievable success to date. On every campaign stop, Trump has been hammering against free trade.

Contrary to the ignorant pundits in the mainstream media, Trump is winning, not because he is appealing to the base instincts of the American electorate. He is winning because he understands and is articulating the anger of millions of white and black Americans, who have lost their jobs and their homes to unfair international trade deals, which they believe have closed American factories and exported these jobs out of the United States.

Trump is winning on substance — on the economy and the economic injustice that a majority of Americans are experiencing.

Trump is also killing it in the media. He truly enjoys the spotlight and he is loving this campaign. And the more his critics attack him and blow millions of dollars in negative ads, the stronger he gets.

CNN analyst Van Jones has compared Trump to an X-Man villain, Sebastian Shaw: The harder you hit that character, the stronger he becomes.

In response to that political buffoon, Mittens Romney, questioning Trump’s business acumen, Trump flipped the proverbial finger at all his detractors. Trump taunted them by holding his election night victory news conference at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida — and catered it with Trump Wines, Trump Water and Trump Steaks.

Pure media genius!

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