Klubbing with Kylie Kardashian Jenner in Toronto’s Yorkville’s “70 Down” During TIFF

Hey, a few nights ago, I was klubbing with Kylie Friggin Jenner kutting a rug on the dance floor at a little known Middle Eastern-themed sheesha (hookah) lounge “70 Down”. Kylie was surrounded by her peeps and numerous heavyset black bodyguards, (see photo of Kylie and boyfriend Tyga).

Truth be told, my friend had initially spotted Kylie emerging from the kan, apparently “powdering” her nose. (triple entendre, intended). Kylie greeted her with, “Hi, girl, how is it going”? Before my friend could suggest they do some Tequila shots together, Kylie was surrounded by a big muscular dude, presumably one of her personal bodyguards. Further discussion with the Kylie was not encouraged.

(I was hoping to learn if the Kylie was going to dump her then boyfriend, the rapper, Michael Ray Stevenson, aka, “Tyga”.)

Drat! So instead of an up close and personal pic of Kylie, (I feel we are already on a first name basis)-Here is a pic of me at the klub, (total fish out water) at the bar with my new best friend, Amir, a well-known real estate broker from Thornhill. Or a very successful Middle Eastern arms dealer, or both.

Kylie and Tygamlw@ 70 down
mlw+70 down 2

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