Helene Rousse Casts Her Formidable Net at TIFF 2015

Through mere happenstance, in various TIFF events, I kept running into the very successful casting head, Helene Rousse, senior managing partner of the Montreal-based The Helene Rousse Total Casting Agency. After attending numerous TIFF films and their parties, Helene, (who reminds me of the also multi-talented French actress, Julie Delpy), was just ready to let her hair down and tell us her story of her successful ascension to one of the top casting people in the business. So I met with Helene over coffee on the second floor of the very light and airy TIFF Lighthouse coffee shop/bar.

Helene has operated her company for over fifteen years. Her company has provided casting services to some of the most well-known and successful Canadian and American producers and directors of feature films, animation films, documentaries, television series, made for tv movies, video games, music videos- Together with print, voice, reality-tv and variety entertainment.

Apparently, her business is also taking off in this fair city of Toronto-the undisputed Canadian capital of entertainment.


I have personally urged Helene (the face that launched a thousand film clips) to look westward, young woman and establish a beachhead, here in the true Hollywood North.

Carpe Diem! Helene. Profitez de la Vie! ( Doesn’t it sound so much sexier in French?)







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