Oscar ratings hit new LOW: Middle America tuned out Chris Rock’s “diversity” lecture

This year’s Oscars show, put on by The Academy of Arts and Sciences (under the leadership of non-film maker/non-actor/black public relations flak Cheryl Boone Isaacs), was viewed in America by approximately 34.3 million people.

That sounds like a lot but this was the lowest viewership in eight years — and the third lowest since Nielsen began tracking viewership in the mid-1970s!

Put in context, the Chris Rock-hosted, black-oriented Oscars were 6% lower in viewership numbers and 3% lower in the 18-49 adult demographic than last year’s Neil Patrick Harris-hosted Oscars, which in itself was one of the most poorly-watched Oscar shows since the 1970s.

These horrible numbers indicate that the vast majority of American people voted “with their feet” — or, more accurately, with their remote. Those who did tune in at the beginning turned it off as the show doubled down on lame, unfunny “diversity” jokes.

The New York Times reported:

“Nielsen data reflecting quarter-hour segments of viewership indicates that Sunday’s show appeared to lose viewers as glamour (and movies) increasingly took a back seat to activism. The show started with ratings roughly on par with last year’s. But in 2015 the numbers then climbed and remained fairly stable, while Sunday’s ratings fluctuated and then fell more steadily in the show’s last hour.”

Most of the American people outside the liberal elite enclaves of LA and New York have turned their backs on politically correct liberal Hollywood and on talentless, whining, self-entitled, self-centered multi-millionaire black actors, actresses and entertainers.

In January of this year, when the Oscar nominations were announced, and no black actors or actresses were nominated, many in the black community and white liberal Hollywood thought a horrible injustice had occurred.

Specifically, mega star and multi-millionaire Will Smith (“Concussion”) and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith(“Magic Mike XXL”), went public with their disgust, primarily because Will Smith, who thought he deserved an Oscar nomination for his role as the real-life Nigerian-born doctor who discovered the link between head trauma from football, and the early onset of dementia and death.

Will and Jada Smith then announced they were boycotting the Oscar ceremonies. They were joined by black filmmaker Spike Lee and white doc filmmaker Michael Moore.

Needless to say the Hollywood liberal press and media went nuts, all writing about the boycott and #OscarsSoWhite.

As is usually the case, with the insulated liberal elite press on both coasts, who drink their own bathwater, the rest of America did not see what all the fuss was about.

Will Smith was horribly miscast in the “Concussion” flick. His accent was artificial, and his acting, one dimensional. The film is too pedantic, and it sank without a trace. Furthermore, for Will and Jada and their Hollywood liberal supporters to suggest that Hollywood is racist and he has been discriminated against, shall we say, was beyond the pale.

The Smiths are each multimillionaires, collectively worth over $200 million. They live in a Malibu home on 100 acres worth conservatively over $30 million.

The Smiths are the beneficiaries of Hollywood. Not victims of racism.

Accordingly, as the voices for pro diversity in Hollywood got louder and louder, with calls for Chris Rock to step down as Oscar host, the rest of America began turning away from this liberal, guilt-ridden, “black actors as Hollywood victims” lunacy.

You could hear it in the voices of outraged middle Americans on talk radio shows. You could read their disgust in conservative blogs and commentaries on the internet.

This is not a racist response. It is a call by Middle America for success based on merit, not based on liberal guilt.

Middle America views the word “diversity” as code for giving preferential treatment to American blacks, simply on the basis of color, not due to merit, hard work or sacrifice.

And Middle America is mad as hell and not buying any more of this b.s. The numbers do not lie.

It is no coincidence that this current black American push for diversity in Hollywood and on college campuses is occurring during the dying days of Barack Obama’s race-based presidency.

Obama would not have beaten Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries and gone on to be elected president if he had been a no-name junior white senator from Illinois.

Obama ran as the first black president. He won on that basis and he has governed as a black president.

The country is finally sick and tired of Obama and his black race-based presidency.

And as the country turned against a black-hosted race-based Oscar show, the country is turning against Obama’s  black, race-based administration.

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