Conservative David Brooks of the New York Times Made a Complete Fool of Himself on PBS

I just love watching these stuffed shirt pundits, be they liberals or conservatives make utter asses of themselves. So-called conservative pundit David Brooks of the New York Times embarrassed himself and his newspaper on national television on PBS last night during Super Tuesday.

The numbers do not lie. Trump won eight major states decisively from Massachusetts and Vermont to Virginia and then Alabama and Arkansas. He was a solid second in Texas, Cruz’s home state and Oklahoma, neighbor to Texas. And in Alaska, he came in a very strong second. Trump only badly lost in Minnesota, coming in third to Rubio’s only win.

But Trump’s popular support was overwhelming.

Chuck Todd on NBC and Amy Walters on PBS, analyzed the numbers and both concluded Trump is bringing out huge numbers of Republicans in larger numbers than in previous primaries. Trump is appealing to all demographics. They both concluded that he is the change candidate. And he is swamping Hillary in overall appeal.

Trump will be the GOP nominee.

Yet pundits like Brooks just can’t bring himself to admit this. In the face of cold-hearted facts and numbers.

Brooks is hoping against hope the GOP leaders and the officials will rally around some one anti-Trump.

But Cruz shot his bolt on Super Tuesday. He does not have strong support outside the conservative evangelical south.

And Rubio, is a pathetic lightweight. He has come in third in all these states except he did win Minnesota. Woopeedoo!

Rubio is done and I predict that Rubio will lose to Trump in Florida. That will be Rubio’s Waterloo as well as the Waterloo for all GOP leaders who are deluding themselves into thinking they can stop Trump and his widespread and overwhelming popular appeal.

The more the GOP leaders talk about trying to stop the populist Trump with his huge popular support, the stupider and more out of touch they look like. Trump has made them into political idiots, as he has made just about every liberal and conservative pundit.

I read all these left wing and right wing pundits. From Remmick of the New Yorker to Brooks of the NY Times to Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and my Harvard classmate Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. All these pundits have put their ideology ahead of clear and objective analysis. They are also the big losers in this Trump-dominated election.

I love the smell of conservative and liberal ideological blindness and ignorance in the morning. Especially, so-called pundits as David Brooks, whose ideological blinders have blinded him to the Trump train that is running over his reputation and the reputation of all those other so-called pundits and experts.

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