Why the Unlikeable Radical Leftist Olivia Chow Lost The Toronto Mayoral Election

There are over two months left in this mayoral race. But Olivia Chow’s dream of finally stepping out of the shadow of her more politically talented husband, Jack Layton, has turned into a political and humiliating nightmare.

Several months ago, when Chow jumped into the race, the obsequious mainstream media,  that is, the journalistically suspect CBC, Toronto Star and Globe and Mail, declared her the frontrunner. And the candidate to beat. .

But according to a recent Forum Research poll, Chow has fallen precipitously from first place-( 35% )to third place- 25%, two points behind the unsinkable Mayor Rob Ford (27%), and 10 big points behind the surging John Tory (35%).

Two recent events have further killed her chances of election.

Councilor and former TTC Chairman Karen Stintz, one of Chow’s opponents on the right, has dropped out of the race. Stintz had been stuck at 5% for most of the campaign.

Stintz fiscally conservative supporters will avoid Chow like the Ebola plague. And instead will gravitate to Chow’s opponents,  John Tory and Rob Ford. Catapulting both of them further ahead of the nose-diving Chow.

The Prince of Darkness

But Chow’s most egregious error to date in this campaign, (and there have been a manure load of errors) was to publicly lie about the role of one of her key political advisers.

None other than The Prince of Darkness himself.

The director of her own war room operations.

A black political operator so cunning, tough, brutal and merciless.

Imagine the evil spawn of Tricky Dick Nixon and Dick Cheney- the incomparable Warren Kinsella.

In an over the top, tweet, that will certainly go down as one the nastiest public assaults, Kinsella accused John Tory of being a racist segregationist for Tory’s proposed transit scheme that purportedly excluded some Toronto black communities.

But, as in the classic Watergate, the attempted cover up by Chow was far worse than the crime.

Instead of publicly castigating Kinsella for his impolitic suggestion, Chow lied publicly and stated that Kinsella was just “one of thousands of volunteers”.  Even though Kinsella’s company was on the Chow payroll as a media consultant. And Kinsella was a critical director of her quick response war room operations.

Chow’s public statement was such a bald-faced lie, that even the craven Pravda-like CBC/Star/Globe, which to date Chow and Kinsella have intimidated with Putinian efficiency, could not ignore or cover up Chow’s immense public blunder.

Her grand public lie once again cast a harsh light on Chow’s entire flawed public character.

A public persona, characterized by a pattern of morally questionable behavior that Chow has exhibited throughout her whole public life.

In 30 years of public life, Chow has never once admitted to making a mistake. She has never apologized or taken responsibility for her many errors. And they are legion. For example.

How did Chow in 1985 secure a below market subsidized Hazelburn co-op unit, within one year ( according to her own autobiography) when the wait list for such affordable housing was many years and over 30,000 needy families were ahead of her in line?

What about her untruthful and unbelievable public defense of her husband’s cure for a bad back, when he was caught naked in a police raid at an illegal massage parlor around the corner from their home @ThisAintTheElmwoodSpa?

Why did Chow as MP rack up one of the highest personal and office expenses than any Ontario federal MP including federal Tory Cabinet ministers?

Obviously, as in Hazelburn fiasco, Chow as a public figure, believes that she is entitled to her public entitlements.

And that as a leftist political activist, she is above moral reproach.

Well, the chickens have come home to roost for Olivia Chow.

Her campaign is in disarray as she falls further behind John Tory and Rob Ford.

Her moral failings,  her arrogance, her weak character, and her confused policy platform have finally done her in.

History will not be kind to Olivia Chow, widow of Jack Layton.

In running for mayor of Toronto, Chow believed that she would be Hillary to Jack’s Bill Clinton.

Instead her imploding political campaign has demonstrated that she is more like Yoko Ono who was nothing without her John.

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