Going into Super Tuesday, Christie’s endorsement of Trump is “yuge!”

Poor Marco Rubio. Just when he thought he got his mojo back after landing a few solid blows against Trump in the last debate, he was blindsided by none other then the Jersey Brawler, Republican Governor Chris Christie, who came out swinging for his new BFF, the Trumpster.

Christie, as former presidential candidate, is one member of the Republican establishment who is leaping aboard the Trump Super Train that’s hurtling out of the station, bound for overwhelming victory in the southern states on Super Tuesday.

According to Christie, he threw his support behind Trump because he viewed Trump as a strong leader, the only one who could take on the probable Democratic nominee, Hellfire Hillary Clinton, the Arkansas Krusher.

As Christie astutely noted, the Clintons don’t want to see the Trumpster in the ring. They “do not know the playbook of Donald Trump because he is rewriting the playbook.”

Conventional wisdom was that in order to win in these complicated Republican primaries, a candidate needed thousands of volunteers in the trenches, getting out the vote, a tactic known as a ground game.

Also in the past, successful candidates required the support of local Republican bigwigs and grand poobahs, plus tons of moolah from special interests, to make huge negative advertising buys.

Trump had neither a ground game nor the support of local GOP notables. Also, Trump’s campaign is mostly self-financed, so he does not owe favours to any filthy special interest groups.

Nonetheless, Trump smoked the competition in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries and he is going to run roughshod over his opponents in the southern conservative states on Super Tuesday.

The Donald has become the master of the traditional media as well as social media.

His anti-establishment message is resonating with young and old, male and female, white and of color, blue collar workers, professionals and business people.

Accordingly, Republican majority leader Kevin McCarthy from California is now on side, together with a growing number of no-name Congressional Republicans.

Even Nikki Haley, Republican Governor of South Carolina, and a public supporter of Rubio, has publicly admitted that if The Donald is the Republican nominee, she will be able to work with him.

And therein lies Trump’s trump card: Winning. In politics, winning is everything.

Poor Marco Rubio doesn’t get it. He is still coming across as a weak, frightened and clueless little Bambi, caught in Trump’s oncoming headlights.

Rubio’s latest fallback position is that even if The Donald wins the nomination, Republicans will not vote for him. Basically, Rubio is saying: I may be a loser, but I am a preferred loser. So vote for me anyways.

Of course, Republicans will vote for Trump in the general election, likely in greater numbers than they voted for the boring and uninspiring Mitt Romney during the last presidential rodeo.

Republicans, like Democrats, are in politics to win, not to hand over victory to their arch enemy — in this case, the hated Clintons — without a fight.

Remember, Republicans are mad as hell at the Obama Democrats. They do not want a white female clone of Obama, in the guise of the Hillary.

What I also find “yugely” amusing is the juvenile responses by some GOP operatives to Christie’s endorsement of Trump:

Tim Miller, Jeb Bush’s former spokesman, lit up Twitter with cutting comments. “Like Trump, Chris Christie is a pathetic, corrupt man with a tiny ego. I’m sure they bonded discussing their insecurities over a big meal,” he tweeted.

Bush strategist David Kochel also laced into Christie. “New lesson kids: sometimes, the best option for the fat kid is to just hand his lunch money over to the bully! #TrumpChristie2016,” he said on Twitter.”

Recall that Miller and Kochel were part of the Jeb Bush campaign brain trust that blew through $130 million with nothing to show for all that hard-earned American cheddar. These two so-called political pros were part of the most expensive and worst campaign in primary history, a political debacle of Titanic proportions.

If I was either one of those bozos, I would be hiding my head in shame, probably on some obscure beach in Ibiza. The last thing I would be opining on would be the political acumen of any politician.

But these old political hacks are like their candidate: A pathetic, sore and clueless loser who had no business playing with the big boys and girls.

I predict that when Hillary comes up against the hard-charging and disruptive Trump juggernaut, she too will suffer the same political fate as the sorry Jeb Bush.

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